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Spanish Language School in Madrid Intensive Course Testimony



AIL Madrid is located right in the heart of the area of Madrid known as barrio Salamanca (Salamanca District) in central Madrid. Named after its founder, the Marques de Salamanca, the barrio is characterised by lavishly decorated buildings and its grid formation street design. The area is famous for being one of Madrid's most wealthy areas with many luxury hotels and leading designer clothes stores located here. The school is located less than 100 metres away from the fashionable calle Goya, and close to the glamorous thoroughfares of Serrano and Velázquez.

Whether you're looking for a rich cultural experience or superior language education, you'll find both in the exciting environment of AIL Madrid. Here are some of the reasons you'll be glad you chose our school:

Focus on Spanish courses...

  • Our school is focused on providing Spanish learning courses to non-native Spanish adults this is what we do and it is what we excel at!

A broad range of flexible Spanish courses...

  • AIL Madrid has a full programme of Spanish courses catering for all abilities from complete beginners to fluent speakers: Our extensive range of Spanish courses allows you to chose a language programme which best meets your individual learning objectives.

Internationally recognised qualifications...Spanish Courses Madrid Instituto Cervantes Accreditation

  • Spanish courses at our school are assessed in accordance with the Council of Europe's Common European Language Framework. On completion of your Spanish course you will receive a certificate indicating the courses attended and the Spanish level achieved. 

  • AIL Madrid have Spanish preparatory courses specifically designed for the DELE (“Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjero”) diploma, the only Spanish language qualification accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture. The DELE qualification is offered in conjunction with the Instituto Cervantes and the University of Salamanca.

  • In collaboration with the Madrid Chamber of Commerce, AIL Madrid offer preparatory courses in the area of Business Spanish and Spanish for Tourism.

Spanish Language Course Madrid Teachers

          AIL Madrid´s Spanish Evening Course Teaching Staff

Dedicated, approachable and qualified teaching staff...

  • AIL Madrid’s teachers are all native speakers, educated to degree level and qualified to teach Spanish as a foreign language. The teachers must pass a rigorous selection process.

  • Our teachers are observed periodically to ensure that AIL Madrid’s quality teaching standards are maintained.

  • Our teachers have a love for the Spanish language and their Spanish culture and heritage.

  • Our teachers recognise that all of our students are different. They draw on their skills and experience to select the most appropriate approach for each student or group to ensure that you learn Spanish effectively.

Proven teaching method guaranteeing maximum learning...

  • AIL Madrid restrict Spanish course sizes to a maximum of 8 students with an average of 6 students per Spanish class. Our experience shows that this enables you to learn quickly and also maximises your personalised contact with our dedicated Spanish teachers.

  • Our school’s innovative course programmes use modern communicative teaching techniques and have been carefully put together to ensure you progress rapidly. Our courses are well structured, intensive and responsive to student demands.

  • Our Spanish learning and study material is constantly kept fresh and up to date.

Fun and enjoyable classes...

  • Of course, learning Spanish must be fun if it is to be effective. AIL Madrid’s Spanish courses are student-centred and you are encouraged to fully participate. Our teachers do all they can to ensure that lessons are both serious and intensive but at the same time enjoyable!

Learning does not finish in the classroom. AIL Madrid will fill your day with Spanish...

Spanish Courses in Madrid Social and Cultural Activities

        Cultural Classes - walk through the Salamanca district
  • At AIL Madrid, we do not believe learning the Spanish language should finish in the classroom; gaining a better understanding of and participating in the Spanish culture /way of life and getting to know Spanish people will form a key part of your learning.

  • The school invites all enrolled students to participate in a complementary non-classroom based Cultural and Social Activities Program. This course will help you learn more about Spanish culture and experience some of the wonderful aspects of life in Madrid.

  • By studying at our school, you will have the opportunity to apply the Spanish studied in the classroom with native Spanish people in social situations through AIL Madrid’s organised language exchanges (“intercambios”).

  • Selecting to stay with a Spanish host family allows you more opportunities to practice your Spanish as well as the chance to experience Spanish culture in the home.

Your accommodation...

  • Your accommodation in Madrid is an essential component of your stay with us.

  • AIL Madrid’s carefully selected Spanish host families offer friendly, comfortable surroundings and play a central role in our Spanish learning programme. All families meet the strict standards established by AIL Madrid and are subject to continuous monitoring.

  • As an alternative to staying with a Spanish host family, you can select to live in a shared flat, a university residence or in a hotel.

Spanish Language School in Madrid Centre Location

      Great view from our classes in central Madrid

Great location with modern facilities...

  • AIL Madrid is conveniently located in the historic Barrio Salamanca neighbourhood of Madrid, just three metro stops from the Puerta del Sol.

  • Our school is fully equipped with up-to-date materials and resources in comfortable surroundings conducive to studying Spanish. You can relax and enjoy putting all your efforts into learning the Spanish language!


  • AIL Madrid’s Spanish course prices are among the most competitive in Madrid.


  • Flexible duration: Courses ranging from short one week study holidays to extended academic year learning programmes

  • If your language class is either too easy or too hard, AIL Madrid’s Director of Studies will change your level.

  • If you would like to change your accommodation, our Accommodation Advisors will provide you with alternative options  no questions asked!

  • You may start your AIL Madrid Spanish course any week of the year.

  • At AIL Madrid you will lose no classes due to public holidays. We are the only Spanish School in Madrid which makes up all classes and activities, independent of the course type, the length of booking, the number of public holidays in the week and time of the year.

International environment...

  • AIL Madrid’s courses are suitable for all nationalities. Whilst our students are culturally diverse and from all over the world, they have one common objective: to learn and study Spanish in a safe, open and enjoyable multicultural environment.

Students treated as individuals...

  • Whatever your priorities are for your Spanish, we are here (and will do everything we can) to help you achieve your own personal goals.

  • During your stay in Madrid, our Director of Studies, as well as your teachers, are available at anytime to discuss your individual learning and study objectives.

  • Two weeks prior to the start of the course, our Student Advisors will ask you to complete a confidential student questionnaire. This enables AIL Madrid to ensure that you are placed with the most suitable Spanish host family, shared flat, university residence or hotel.

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