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Spanish  GCSE,  A-Level and Scottish Higher Spanish Revision Courses
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GCSE, A-Level and Scottish Higher Spanish Revision Courses

For all those who are starting to feel overwhelmed by the masses of Spanish exam revision for your upcoming exams, fear no more. AIL Madrid, a prestigious Cervantes Institute accredited Spanish language School offers invaluable 1 and 2 week Spanish GCSE, A-Level and Scottish Higher Spanish Revision Courses in Madrid that will allow you to take the exam feeling well-prepared and confident!

The course programme has been specially designed for pupils currently revising for their GCSE, A-level and Scottish Higher exam in accordance with the syllabus and exam content of the AQA, OCR, Edexcel, WJEC, CCEA and SQA examination boards. During the course you will thoroughly revise the Spanish skills you need to pass your Spanish GCSE,A-level or Scottish Higher exam as well as raising your general level of Spanish. You will be surprised by how fast you progress and master exam technique.

1.Course Programme – GCSE /A-Level / Scottish Higher Spanish Revision Courses

AIL Madrid GCSE, A-Level and Scottish Higher Spanish Revision Courses are comprised of five components:

1.1 Structured group learning in interactive Spanish classes

20 general Spanish classes per week in small, well-organized groups with a maximum of 4-7 other pupils per class.

1.2. Private tuition

5 or 10 private lessons per week, which will allow you to:

  • develop specific exam skills such as: presenting a topic, writing a letter, essay layouts, narratives, summarising, etc.

  • go through past examination papers in order to improve answering style and technique

  • practise the 4 linguistic skills tested during the exam: speaking, reading, writing and listening.

  • revise grammar and widen your range of vocabulary

  • work in detail on the topic that you need to prepare for your GCSE/A-level/Scottish Higher Exam.

  • 1.3. Self study / homework

    At least 2 hours per day to be dedicated to homework and preparation for the following day´s class.

    1.4. Fun Afternoon Activities Program

    5 tutor-led activities, each consisting of 2 classes, which allow you to practise Spanish in different contexts outside of the classroom.

    1.5. End of course examination and future study plan

    At the end of the GCSE /A-Level / Scottish Higher Spanish Revision Course you will take an exam (which will be corrected by your teacher) and based on the results, you will receive a report for your parents including recommendations on areas of Spanish you need to work on for the future.

    1.6. Daily Schedule* - Spanish Revision Course in Madrid

    09.00 - 10.40: 2 group classes
    10.40 - 11.10: Break
    11.10 - 12.50: 2 group classes
    13.00 - 15.00: Lunch break
    15:00 - 15:50/16:40:
    Private tuition
    17:10 - 18:50: Fun After-Class Activities
    In the evening: Homework and revision

    * The schedules are subject to change.


    Our preparation courses for the Spanish GCSE,A-Level and Scottish Higher exam are taught by highly qualified, experienced native Spanish teachers, who will share with you their in-depth knowledge of the demands made upon examination candidates and show you how to best approach the exam. You will feel both encouraged and motivated by the techniques our teachers use, as they explain even the most difficult language issues in a fun and enjoyable way, making every lesson memorable.

    3. Spanish Host Family Accommodation

    Staying with a host family during your Spanish GCSE, A-Level and Scottish Higher Revision Course will give you an excellent opportunity not only to experience all the Spanish norms and customs, but also to immensely improve your Spanish as you pick up new colloquial phrases and sayings which you can take straight into your exams!

    You will find your Spanish host families to be very friendly and welcoming, and in addition to all the help they can give you with regards to the language, you will taste the culinary delights of the traditional Spanish meals prepared by your host family.

    All our families have been carefully selected for their warm atmosphere and good facilities, and all are regularly inspected to ensure that high accommodation standards are maintained. They are located within 10-30 minutes travelling distance of AIL Madrid, and all are in safe neighborhoods with good metro and bus connections.

    Prior to your arrival, we will ask you to fill out a preference questionnaire, to find a host family that matches your expectations.

    The accommodation included in the package price of the programme is a single room with full board (breakfast, packed lunch and dinner). Should you require a different type of accommodation, please get in contact with us. If 2 pupils come together, accommodation can be arranged in the same family or in two different families that live close by.

    Accommodation is available from Sunday to Saturday. Extra nights are available upon request. Subject to availability

    Curfew: Should you require a specific curfew to be put in place, please let us know so that we can inform the host family.

    Please note, for students aged 17 or under, host families are the only type of accommodation that we offer.

    4. Start Dates and Prices - GCSE / A-Level / Scottish Higher Spanish Revision Courses in Spain

    1 week

    2 weeks

    Intensive Programme + 5 private classes + host family, single room, full board



    Intensive Programme + 10 private classes + host family, single room, full board



    *In the event that you do not need accommodation, please contact us for a quote.
    ** 1 class = 50 minutes

    Course Start Dates

    1 week courses 2018: 12th February, 19th February, 26th March, 2nd April, 9th April, 28th May, 22nd October, 29th October

    2 weeks courses 2018: 12th February, 26th March, 2nd April

    What is included in the price:

  • Intensive tuition group and private classes

  • Accommodation in Spanish host family, single room, full board (breakfast, packed lunch and dinner)

  • All learning materials

  • 5 Fun After Class Activities

  • Student services help desk with multilingual assistance

  • Free access to our self study centre

  • Free access to the Internet from 9.00 am to 10.00 pm via WiFi or AIL Madrid’s modern interactive touch screen computers

  • Access to our library filled with level-based Spanish books

  • Free rental of a Spanish mobile phone

  • Language exchange service

  • 24h emergency number

  • End of course assessment certificate

  • At AIL Madrid you won't miss any classes due to public holidays. We are the only Spanish School in Madrid which makes up all classes and activities, independent of the course type, the length of booking, the number of public holidays in the week and the time of year.

    5. Why take you GCSE / A-Level / Scottish Higher Spanish Revision Course in Spain

    By taking your Spanish revision course in the country where the language is spoken you will not only greatly improve you general Spanish skills but also your all-round understanding of the language. You will learn about Spanish culture and customs and experience first-hand the Spanish way of life, gaining invaluable knowledge you can then apply during your exam.

    6. Airport transfer

    Madrid airport is well connected to the city by metro and bus services which cost approximately £4/5€. Alternatively we can arrange an arrival and departure transfer service between the airport and the accommodation at an extra cost (£64/75€ single and £107/125€ return). If you decide to book it, a representative from AIL Madrid will wait for you at the airport to take you directly to you accommodation.

    7. Accompanying parents

    Parents are more than welcome to come with their son/daughter and take a Spanish course or simply enjoy Madrid. In such cases, we can offer you a variety of accommodation options, including host family, hostel or hotel. If this option appeals, please contact us for more details and prices.

    8. Enrolment On The GCSE / A-Level / Scottish Higher Spanish Revision Courses

    There are 4 different ways to enrol on the GCSE, A-Level and Scottish Higher Spanish Revision Courses:

    1. Online enrolment form
    2. Via telephone:(+34) 914 354 801
    3. Via Whatshapp: +34 618 33 71 72
    4. Via e-mail:

    If you enrol via telephone or e-mail please provide us with your complete personal data (first name, last name, birth date, gender, address, e-mail), specifying the course you want to take, the start date and the duration.

    9. Payment

    We offer our UK customers the option to pay by bank transfer in pounds into our UK Sterling Account, avoiding bank transfer charges and exchange commissions.

    Our account details are:
    Account holder: AIL Madrid Limited

    Sort code: 30-13-54
    Account number: 05291145

    When calculating the amount due in Pounds, we apply the Post Office online order rate. For further details please see here .

    For other payment methods please click here.