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High School Year in Spain
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High School Year in Spain

Experience real Spanish life! Our High School program you can live with a Spanish family or among Spanish students, where you will be able to take part of their daily life and culture. AIL Madrid is a Spanish Language School with a department specialising in international exchange programs for high school students. Providing our experience, we help and assist every one of our students to choose the most suitable option according to his/her interests.

Our devoted and professional team of high school exchange program advisors know the ins and outs of international exchange programs, given that they themselves have been through the same experience for many years. AIL Madrid has established successful relationships with schools, academies and universities all over Spain.

If improving your Spanish is one of your next year purposes, AIL Madrid has the perfect way to do it. We have specially designed for you the best courses with host families or student residences in the main Spanish cities, places that you will never forget.The main goal of our programs is to provide a full immersion in the Spanish language without missing the academic rhythm.

During your program, you will have the opportunity to attend classes in a Spanish school and live with a Spanish Host Family.

Why study for a year in a High School in Spain?

  • It is the most efficient, confortable and fun way to learn Spanish!
  • Studying and living abroad with native Spanish speakers will help you to become fluent in Spanish and become almost bilingual without even noticing. 
  • You will make new friends, learn about a different culture and experience unforgettale moments.
  • Living with Spanish host families.
  • You will enjoy the warm and caring Spanish family style. 
  • You will always feel part of the Spanish family and they will cheer you when you feel homesick.
  • You will have friends for life!
  • You will improve you future profesional carreer and increase your chances of academic success.
Nowadays, Spanish is the 2nd most spoken language in the world. Speaking Spanish is therefore a key tool for your future job prospects, and studying abroad for one year will provide you with the skills needed to have success in the future. 

Who is the High School Program for?

  • International teen students that want to study abroad between 14 and 18 years old.
  • For students who haven’t yet finished their High School studies in their home countries.
  • For students who want to improve and become fluent in Spanish. Previous Spanish knowledge is required to follow the high school classes and to make the transition to the Spanish lifestyle easier.
  • Students keen to participate in the life of the high school and the Spanish host family.
  • For responsible, friendly and mature teens.
  • For open minded, outgoing teens with a good sense of humor.

What are the requirements to study abroad?

You must: 

  • Be a teenage student between 14-18 years old.
  • Achieve average or better high school grades in your home country.
  • Have acceptable to good Spanish language skills.
  • Express a genuine desire to participate in a high school year abroad program, while expressing flexible and mature behaviour.
  • Have a valid passport for the duration of your stay.
  • Obtain a student visa to study in Spain (if necessary).

Interested in applying for the High School Program?

  • All application materials must be received five months prior to the high school program starting date.
  • Students interested in the nine month high school program will begin in September.
  • Students interested in the four and a half month high school program may begin in September or in February.

Accomodation in a Spanish Host Family

Become part of a Spanish family! A family eager to share their culture and learn about yours.  

As a member of your Spanish host family, you will be expected to participate in family life and daily household activities. Your host family will be carefully chosen to ensure that you are placed in the ideal situation. We have placed our students throughout Spain, in both large cities and small villages to ensure the best placement possible. We also offer the possibility of choosing your preferred region where you want to be placed in Spain. 

You can choose between Madrid, Seville, Malaga, Cadiz, Valencia and Alicante. You might be asked to speak up to 5 hours per week in English with the family to facilitate a true cultural exchange. We also offer a select number of private high schools in Spain, both residential and day.

Personalised assistance during the whole year

You will have the support of the main office in Madrid, in addition to the help of a local coordinator that you will closely meet regularly.

Outside of office hours, we have a 24h emergency number so you and your parents can instantly get in touch with the organization in case is required.

Study Abroad - Key facts:

  • Live with a Spanish family or in a boarding school while attending regular classes at a Spanish public or private high school.
  • Options of three, four and a half or nine month high school programme.
  • Full immersion in Spanish language and culture.
  • Meet many new friends while learning about a new culture.
  • Have the experience of living independently in a foreign country.

What's the price of the High School Program in Spain?

The prices of the high school program is 6,350€ for a semester program and 8,850€ for a full year program.

What's included in the High School Program?

  • Room and full-board with a carefully selected Spanish host family.
  • Enrolment in a public high school.
  • Assignment of a local coordinator.
  • Round trip transfers to/from nearest airport, bus or train station.
  • Assistance obtaining visa extensions if needed.
  • Validation service of high school studies in home country (necessary to obtain Spanish school transcripts).
  • 24-hour emergency phone.

What's not included in the High School Program?

  • Lunch at high school, if applicable
  • Transportation to high school, if applicable
  • Book fees
  • Pocket money
  • Transportation from your home country to the local airport or train/bus station
  • Accident and medical insurance

At AIL Madrid you will not lose any classes due to public holidays. We are the only Spanish School in Madrid which makes up all classes and activities, independent of the course type, the length of booking, the number of public holidays in the week and time of the year.