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Club 50+ Spanish course
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Club 50+ Course

This course is specifically designed for people over 50, who want to study Spanish and learn about Spanish Culture. The Club 50+ Spanish and Fun Afternoon Activities Course consists of a one or two week course which is compromised of 20 classes of Spanish classes per week and many extra classes devoted to fun afternoon activities! Would you like to learn Spanish in classes with maximum of 8 people and experience the Spanish Culture? If so, don0't hesitate to get enrol on this course!

Club 50+ Itinerary

The main part of the Club 50+ Program consists of Spanish Classes. Our Spanish Classes are offered, every week from Monday to Friday, in the morning or in the afternoon. A fun activity is arranged each afternoon / evening. Please see below for a typical itinerary.

Monday Spanish Class Welcome Tapas and Drinks Evening + Spanish Gastronomy
Tuesday Spanish Class Guided Walking Tour of Central Madrid + Dance class
Wednesday Spanish Class Flamenco show
Thursday Spanish Class Spanish film
Friday Spanish Class Visit to the Prado Museum

Monday Spanish Class Welcome Tapas and Drinks Evening + Workshop on Spanish songs
Tuesday Spanish Class Excursion to Alcalá de Henares
Wednesday Spanish Class Visit to the Royal Palace
Thursday Spanish Class Dance theory class + Workshop on Don Quijote
Friday Spanish Class Visit to the Thyssen-Bornemizsa

Please note the Fun Afternoon Activities program listed above are indicative and may be subject to timetable changes and/or replacement by other similar actvities.

At AIL Madrid you will lose no classes due to public holidays. We are the only Spanish School in Madrid which makes up all classes and activities, independent of the course type, the length of booking, the number of public holidays in the week and time of the year.


The Club 50+ Spanish and Fun Afternoon Activities program costs €230 per person for one week, €410 for the two week program, including the enrolment fee.

This price includes:
  • Four classes of Spanish classes per day (Mon-Fri). Classes are in groups of a maximum of 8 students, to ensure that our Club 50+ members have a high amount of personal contact with the teachers
  • All the required learning materials including initial text book
  • Activities in and around Madrid. The entrance fees to museums and the Royal Palace are included
  • One dance class per week
  • Activity package to help you organise your own excursions
  • Free access to the Internet from 08.30am until 10.00pm on AIL Madrid's modern touch screen computers
  • Free rental of a Spanish mobile phone


If you want us to organize accommodation for you, we'll gladly do it.

Many mature students choose to fully immerse themselves in the Spanish culture and cuisine by electing to stay with one of our Spanish host families. Our Spanish hosts live in well furnished comfortable homes in central Madrid and offer half board (breakfast and dinner) accommodation. Besides, it is definitely a great way to put your Spanish language skills into practice and get to know the real Spanish habits. Besides living in a host family, we also offer the opportunity to stay in one of our best recommended hotels.

Accommodation is not included in the price of the course.

Course Start Dates

Please note, the Club 50+ courses start on a Monday. In order to take full advantage of the Monday classes and activities, we reccommend arriving in Madrid the day before.

Month One week course Two week course
October 2014 6th and 13th 6th
January 2015 12th and 19th 12th
April 2015 13th and 20th 13th
July 2015 6th and 13th 6th
September/October 2015 28th September and 5th October 28th September

Spanish Classes (20 classes per week)

The Spanish classes in the Club 50+ course are completely focused on the needs and interests of our students, with emphasis firmly placed on communication skills. During the classes, students are taught practical conversational skills. Skills that can be used in everyday situations. This way, you will definitely learn how to express yourself in Spanish! The topics covered by our qualified teachers get everyone talking, and make the lessons much more enjoyable, productive and interesting. The Spanish classes take place during the mornings, or the afternoons, from Monday to Friday. There are 6 different levels (A1 - C2) that correspond to the Common European Framework of Reference(CEFR). Whenever you are a beginner or already have some basic Spanish knowledge, we will offer you the right course. Club 50+ students are placed in Spanish classes based on their level of Spanish and therefore should expect to be in groups with students of all ages, not just other students on the Club 50+ program.

Fun Activities Program

At AIL Madrid, we know that our Club 50+ students are looking for more than just learning Spanish, therefore we organise many fun activities which are included in the price. These activities usually take place inside and outside the school. During these classes you will get to know other people from different countries with whom you are able to practice your Spanish! Each day there is a different activity, which can include museum visits, a guided tour through the city centre of Madrid or dance classes.

Possible Additional Activities

AIL Madrid can help you to organize more fun afternoon activities during your stay in Madrid. These additional activities are not included in the price.

For example, AIL Madrid helps you organize weekend trips in Madrid and nearby cities. At the beginning of your course you will receive an activity package that will be a hands-on help to organize your trips in and around Madrid easily. It includes lots of information about the city of Madrid itself and the surrounding historical places and a range of optional fun afternoon activities and excursions.

Additional individual Spanish classes

Would you like to completely immerse yourself in the Spanish language? Take your chance and focus yourself on whichever part you would like to improve your Spanish during the individual classes. Just come into the office and we will arrange individual Spanish classes - at the most convenient time for you.

Additional group or private dance classes

There is one Spanish Dance class per week included in the price. But whenever you would like to gain some more dance skills during your stay in Madrid, we would be more than happy to arrange extra Dance classes for you. You are free to choose from our wide range of Spanish and Latin Dances that includes Cha-Cha, Merengue, Bachata, Salsa, Flamenco, Tango and Sevillanas. At AIL Madrid we do more than our best to suit everyone's wishes.

Full day excursions to the neighbouring cities

Madrid is surrounded by different interesting cities. Would you like to see some other parts of Spain? Please consult AIL Madrid's team and we would be more than happy to help you arrange your travel to a different city. Previous students have visited the following cities with pleasure:

Toledo 50 Club Spanish Course Madrid  Toledo
Toledo, with a history dating back over more than 2000 years, is a true melting pot of Jewish, Islamic and Christian    cultures. Toledo is the previous Spanish capital city that demonstrates the rich history of Spain. This medieval city is absolutely a must-see for art lovers.
San Lorenzo 50 Club Spanish Course Madrid San Lorenzo de El Escorial and El Valle de los Caídos

The main attraction of El Escorial is the huge monastery built by order of King Phillip II.  Many past monarchs are buried here.  El Valle de Los Caídos is the burial site of the Spanish Dictator, Franco. The site, an unusual structure, was carved into the mountain side by political prisoners during the fascist regime of the last century.

Avila 50 Club Spanish Course Madrid Ávila

Located to the West of Madrid, the city's main feature is its extensiv 1.5 mile wall, which surrounds the stunning Cathedral within. Outside the walls is the Basilica de San Vicente, almost as large as the cathedral itself, which is the supposed burial site of Saint Vincent and his sisters.

Segovia 50 Club Spanish Course Madrid  Segovia

Segovia, located to the North West of Madrid, is definitely worth a visit. The Aqueduct of Segovia is the most recognized, impressive and famous symbol of this capital city of 'Castilla y Leon'. It was built at the end of the 1st century by the Romans and it is still an attractive monument by several visitors.

Flamenco shows, concerts or theatre nights

Madrid is also known as the 'city that never sleeps'. Every night there are several flamenco shows, concerts and theatres in Madrid. Besides this, there are many restaurants and bars where you can watch Flamenco shows while enjoying your dinner or drink. These restaurants are all well known as their menus are full of typical Spanish cuisines: grilled meat and fish, tapas, sausages, and a large selection of wines.

We would be more than happy to give you some more detailed information concerning flamenco shows, concerts and theatres upon your arrival.