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Spanish Evening Classes
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Spanish Evening Classes in Madrid 

Our evening classes are designed for people who live, work or study in Madrid and have daytime commitments but are keen to develop their Spanish language skills.

Our next complete beginners course starts on Tuesday, 21st October at 19:00!

1. Course features

  • Course Start Dates: Courses can be joined at any time. Please consult for start dates for beginners courses
  • Group Size: Max. 8 - 9 students per class
  • Duration: Min. 4 weeks, max. 48 weeks
  • All evening classes missed due to public holidays are made up
  • 2. Course timetables and levels

    Our Spanish Evening Courses are available in many levels

    DAY 17:30-19:00 19:00-20:30 20:30-22:00
    Monday and Wednesday A1.2 A1.1
    A2.2 A1.2
    A2.3 A2.1
    B1.2 B1.1
    Tuesday and Thursday A1.1 A1.1 A2.3
    A1.2 B1.2
    A1.3 B2.2
    B2.1 C1.2

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    3. Prices:

    4 105
    8 + 1 free 210
    12 + 2 free 315
    16 + 3 free 420

    4. Registration Fee:

    There is a one off registration fee of 30€. This registration fee includes the initial course text book (price in shops 20€) plus all other learning materials required for the course.

    5. Spanish Evening Course Content:

    The course focuses on learning general Spanish language skills:

  • Develop communication strategies
  • Take part in discussions
  • Develop and use vocabulary
  • Improve listening skills
  • Role play social situations
  • Work on individual grammar and pronunciation difficulties
  • Develop reading and writing skills

      6. Late arrival:

      We kindly ask all students to arrive punctually to class in order not to disturb other students. In the event of a student arriving 15 minutes or more after the scheduled course start time, the teacher has the discretion not to allow the student to join the class. If this happens the class will not be made up at an alternative time.

      7. Cancellation Policy:

      Evening classes can be cancelled in the event that the Administration Department is informed by email 1 working day / 24 hours before the scheduled time of the class. If less than 1 working day / 24 hours notice is given, the class cannot be subsequently made up.