Spanish Teacher Training Course
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Spanish Teacher Training Course

Focus orientated on action and skill integration

Dates: from the 21st to the 25th of July 2014 

Organised by AIL Madrid Spanish School for Foreigners and EnClave-ELE

After the experience of last year, in which AIL Madrid and EnClave-ELE joined forces to bring the first ELE Teacher Training Course, this year we have decided to once again bring together teachers from the world over who have an interest in learning and sharing their experience as an teacher of Spanish as a foreign language. This will provide a new opportunity for everyone to share their knowledge and experience, and help to become better professionally in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. This time around, we have decided to focus solely on the topic of skills, how they can be integrated in practice in class, as much with the Focus Orientated in Action as well as the model of Skill Integration as set forth by the new Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera (DELE).

1. Who is the ELE Teacher Training Course directed at?

  • Those who teach Spanish as a foreign language, whether that be in secondary education or higher education and universities.

  • Native of non-native Spanish teachers with a Spanish level C2.

  • Spanish teachers with various years teaching experience and currently teaching Spanish as a foreign language

2. Objectives of the ELE Teacher Training Course

    • Equip teachers with new methods and ways of working within a classroom, with special reference to developing skills (comprehension, expression and interaction).

    • Make teaching easier through the use of different, productive and receptive skill sets: understanding both reading and audio exercises, oral and written expression, interaction.

    • Show Spanish teachers skills that can be integrated when using educational materials, so as to create a sequence of educational exercises that utilise the entire skill set

    • Contrast participants’ teaching techniques through observation of one of their Spanish classes

    • Offer a more communication based foundation for teachers through practicing linguistic activities made for learning and teaching Spanish.

    • Reflect on some of the more significant linguistic components that accompany teaching, like grammar and the pragmatic use of the language, from both our experience and from the needs of our Spanish students.

    • To become familiarised with the instruments used for evaluation, all of which are connected to the official certification requirements (DELE) and the skill ladder of MCER (Common European Language Framework).

    3. Content of the ELE Teaching Training Course

    The course is composed of the three following modules:

    3.1. ELE theoretical training:

    23 teaching hours from Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 1:30/14:00

    Theoretical content of the ELE Teacher Training Course:

    Learning the importance of the pragmatic use of language in the development of communicative competencies.

    Grammar involved in verb tenses

    • Evaluating advancement steps involved in the new DELE exams

    • Skills and evaluation criteria in class observation

    • Skill integration in a sequence of teaching exercises

    • Theories in receptive skills (las destrezas de recepción)

    • Strategies to develop communicative skills in both expression and interaction

    • Detailed studying of each skill’s characteristics

    • Material analysis and exercises in which you develop the use of different skills

    With every enquiry, you will receive a CD full of electronic archives that contain ELE material free of charge (articles, books, doctorate theses, investigation results, teaching activities), all of which are organised by the topical areas as set forth by the ELE Teacher Training Course (pragmatics of language, grammar of past tenses, evaluation and linguistic certification, class observation, general principals of communication skills, receptive and comprehension skills, production skills, expression and interaction). The CD is a large and up-to-date collection of resources useful for research, reflection and classroom teaching techniques.

    3.2. Class observation and tutored practice with AIL Madrid (optional):

    This module consists of three elements:

    • An introductory session in which they indicate the standards in class observation

    • Class observation with students from AIL Madrid Spanish Language School

    • A meeting to comment and summarise the class observation

    3.3. Fun Afternoon Activities (optional):

    In the afternoon AIL Madrid offers the following cultural guided visits for teachers of Spanish as a foreign language that take part in the training course:

    Guided tours of:

    • Retiro Park

    • Prado Museum

    • Madrid de los Austrias

    4. ELE Teaching Training Course Program

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday  Friday
    Welcome breakfast. Given materials and induction.

    Activities for Reading comprehension

    Standards for observation

    Teaching in immersion

    Brainstorming: Class observation
    Basic principles to word productive and receptive skills

    Activities for Reading comprehension

    Class observation

    Strategies to better audio comprehension

    Spanish grammatical content for foreigners






    Characteristics of expression and oral interaction

    Grammatical reflexion task: contrasting past tenses

    Skill integration in teaching materials    

    Requirements of written expression

    Evaluation of integrated skills (using DELE model)

    Meeting to comment on class observation    

    Finish of course and diploma hand over

    Walk through Retiro* 

    Visit to the Prado Museum*

    Walk through Madrid de los Austrias*

    * Sample activities subject to change.

    The ELE Teacher Training Course consists of 25 certified teaching hours.

    5. Course methodology

    To treat the ELE Teacher Training Course as having a practical focus, whose objective is to be able to apply everything you have learnt in the classroom environment, the group of participating teachers will debate using theoretical elements to serve as guidelines. Through a methodology based on contribution and input, it allows participants to explain, share and debate about differing experiences they have all had; speakers of each topic act as advisors and make the debate possible, ensuring that useful and productive conclusions are drawn from the teaching exercise.

    6. Conditions and registration for the ELE Teachers Training Course


    • Course: 200 €

    • Course and Housing*: 350 €

    Reduced price for enrollments before the 14th of July 2014:

    • Course: 150 €

    • Course and Housing*: 300 €

    *Full board single room in student residence, from the 20th to the 26th of July 2014.

    To register:

    7. Attendance Certificate and ELE Course Accreditation

    Upon finishing the course, all teachers will receive an ELE teacher Training Course attendance certificate from AIL Madrid. AIL Madrid Spanish School for foreigners, as a centre accredited by the Instituto Cervantes, complies with the highest quality standards in teaching Spanish.