High School Study Programs

High School Study Programs Auf einen Blick




5 weekly enjoyable Fun Afternoon Activities included in the course price. Typically from Monday to Friday usually from 5.00pm to 6.40pm. Come along, explore Madrid´s most spectacular sights and learn about the Spanish culture


Maximum 8, 6 on average – amongst the lowest in Madrid

Class duration

50 min


From beginners (A2) to mastery (C2). Courses offered in all levels in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)


Educational Study Tour - 4 nights

4 days

260€ per course

Educational Study Tour - 4 nights premium

4 days

340€ per course

Educational Study Tour - 1 week

1 week

355€ per course

Educational Study Tour - 2 weeks

2 weeks

700€ per course

High School Study Programs: a teacher’s view

The majority of our students choose the Intensive Spanish Course as it offers them the right balance between classroom study, self-study and of course enough free time to explore Madrid in all its beauty. This course is the perfect recipe for fast results since classes are taught at a quick pace and of course completely in Spanish - so you are immersed in the language from your very first step into the classroom! It´s an excellent teaching technique that actively engages you in what you learn, making it a lot easier to memorise. test We meet for four class a day, where we work on improving your communication skills, widening vocabulary, learning useful phrases and practicing grammar, whilst getting to know each other better, every day. The priority is making sure every student takes on board the day's key learning points to return home not only having significantly improved their Spanish but also with a suitcase full of laughter and good memories. So why not come along and study with us! I look forward to welcoming you into my class!