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Curso de Profesor ELE con AIL Madrid
Grupos de profesores ELE
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Grupos de profesores ELE

Testimonies from Spanish Teachers

Testimonio Profesores ELE

Maria Zielinska

"This summer I attended a course for ELE teachers in AIL Madrid. I liked it a lot and it is helping me now, when it's my turn to be the teacher. I hope that, with the new ideas I have, my students will be more motivated to study. Now everything (well, almost everything) I gamify it. And this works, really. Greetings and thanks for the great experience."
Testimonio Profesores ELE


"This summer I did the Course for ELE Teachers. I loved how practical and useful it was. It seems incredible that at this point in my professional life I can learn something new, interesting and above all exciting, since the activities that the AIL teachers shared with us touched my heart. You ask me how? You have to see it and live it for yourselves. And to you, the teachers of the school thank you very much for your professionalism and for sharing your experiences with us. I take advantage of everything I learned during the course, I use it in my classes. And I think with this I awake the passion and love for the Spanish language in my students. Thank you very much."
Testimonio Profesores ELE

Alejandra Rivero

Argentina (Resident of Ireland)
"I had a very positive experience throughout the course; the classes were very well organised and structured. The information was very helpful and of a high quality, and I received detailed attention throughout the course. The teachers appeared to be very qualified and presented the teaching material in a very suitable form.”
Testimonios Profesores ELE

Daphne Thysse


“Before my arrival, my communication with the program was very warm, friendly and welcoming. The content was very interesting and the quality of the materials was great, the hand-outs specifically contained very useful information. The organization was very good, and the cultural activities and the ambience were great.”
Profesores ELE

José David Flores Vela


 “I found my course very satisfactory. Furthermore the communication before the course was really good, accurate and useful, the academy staff were very professional and attentive, and the availability of the speakers was truly excellent. The materials used were very helpful and the overall atmosphere was very pleasant and relaxed. Special mention goes to the residence staff! The deal was perfect: I booked it for a week, and I felt calm and comfortable in a city completely unknown to me.”

Gema Mora Fernández


"I liked the practical approach the most, since I'm tired of the purely theoretical courses. While the methodology itself makes the course very enjoyable, I especially found it interesting because of the involvement of people from around the world, which makes you aware of their different points of view towards the same topic. It was a very interesting course and I would certainly like to repeat it.”
Testimonio Curso de profesores ELE

Herta Kienreich


"Dear teachers of AIL, I want to thank you. All the communication before arrival and the preparation was very complete and, above all, had that warm and familiar touch that makes you feel really comfortable and accepted. You became friends and colleagues during my short week with you. I had the opportunity to attend a very good class with Paloma, where I learned many interesting things that helped me as a teacher. Also thank you for the amazing tours! ”

Hubert Hanrath López


"The course proved to be very useful and interesting. It is truly a continuing education course focused on everything (in different aspects) that is new and related to the ELE / teaching a second language course. I've become much more aware of many aspects that are neglected every day. The teachers of the course motivated me, are truly passionate about their work, and have very good communication skills. They are in touch with the reality of the classroom, but also have important knowledge about all the latest research on language teaching. The pace of classes, use of materials, and their quality has been good and useful. The school’s environment was excellent!"

Katarina Zabkova


“For me, the teachers were wonderful! They do their job very well, they are very motivated and excited, and they filled me with energy and knowledge! I really liked (among others) the subject of "Learning Strategies". I greatly appreciated the possibility of observing the class; it was a very useful experience for me. I had a lovely teacher and I felt great in the classroom with the other students. Everything I've learned and participated in will be useful to me in the future. I will also pass this knowledge on to my colleagues.”
Opinión sobre curso ELE

Rosalva Flores

Mexican (Resident of Austria)

“Our teachers were excellent. They shared their knowledge from their own experience, are experts in their field, and knew exactly what it takes to improve. They have presented this knowledge in a simple and interesting way. It gave me new ideas and lots of energy."

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