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Accommodation and Course Prices

Spanish Courses 

All of our courses are committed to delivering a high standard of teaching for a reasonable competitive price. All students of AIL Madrid are also eligible to participate in our Fun Afternoon Activities program at no extra cost. View our integrated Price List in PDF or see below for details.

Course Price Duration
Intensive Spanish 170€ per week From 1 week
Premium Spanish 320€ per week From 1 week
Spanish Total Immersion 250€ per week From 1 week
Spanish Dance Classes  295€ per week From 1 week
Art and Craft Classes 295€ per week From 1 week
Spanish and Cooking Program 450€ per week 1 week
Long Term Spanish 153€ per week From 8 weeks
Gap Year Abroad 153€ per week From 12 weeks
University Pathway Program Please Consult From 24 weeks
Semi-Intensive Spanish 100€ per week From 1 week
50+ Spanish Course 220€ per week From 1 week
Multi Location Spanish: studying in Spain Please Consult From 8 weeks
Business Spanish 35€/class (1-9 classes), 30€/class (10+classes)
Inside subway zone A: 44€/class (1-9 classes), 39€/class (10+classes)
From 1 week
Private Spanish Classes 35€/class (1-9 classes), 30€/class (10+classes)
Inside subway zone A: 44€/class (1-9 classes), 39€/class (10+classes)
From 1 class
Internship Placement Program Please Consult
From 2 weeks
The Spanish, Teaching and Cultural Immersion Program (TEFL Course) 3600€ 52 weeks
Spanish Evening Classes 105€ (4 weeks), 210€ (8 weeks + 1 free), 315€ (12 weeks + 2 free), 420€ (16 weeks + 3 free)
From 4 weeks
DELE Exam Preparation 200€ (2 weeks), 400€ (4 weeks)
2 or 4 weeks
DELE Exam Preparation + General Intensive course 500€ (2 weeks), 1000€ (4 weeks) 2 or 4 weeks
Extensive DELE Preparation Course 375€ (8 weeks), 540€ (12 weeks) 8 or 12 weeks
Weekend Spanish Classes 280€
12 weeks
GCSE and A-Level Spanish Revision Courses from 605€ (1 week) 1-2 weeks
Spanish Immersion Program for Groups 355€/week  Variable
Skype Spanish Lessons 35€/class (1-9 classes), 30€/class (10+classes)
Spanish for Teachers 195€

The Enrolment fee includes a Spanish level test, initial course textbook and all supplementary learning materials, welcome tapas and drinks evening, free internet access, library service, free rental of Spanish mobile phone, access to Chill out Room with comfortable sofas, vending machines, and area for self-study intercambio, 24h emergency number, and an end of course certificate and it costs:
  • 50€ for all the intensive coursesSpanish course, prices, fees, Enrol Now
  • 30€ for the Evening Course
  • 0€ for the Friday afternoon and Saturday morning courses
We are the only Spanish School in Madrid which makes up all classes and activities missed due to national or local public holidays, independent of the course type, the length of booking, the number of public holidays in the week and time of the year WITHOUT exception. If you do not select your school carefully, you may end up missing a significant part of your contracted course – be aware, there are lots of holidays in Madrid, sometimes with two in the same week! So to avoid disappointment, we strongly advise paying special attention to this policy when considering different schools and that you check carefully when public holidays fall.


    AIL offers accommodation to suit all budgets and lifestyles:

    Minimum Stay (weeks) Single Room Double Room Additional Nights Private Bathroom
    Spanish Host Family 1 210€ 189€ per person per week 30€ per night 42€ per week
    Shared Flat 1 154€ 119€ per person per week 22€ per night 42€ per week
    Student Residence 1 230 - 300* 180 - 220* * Depending on room type.
    One Bedroom Apatment 1 55€ per night pper apartment <3 months
    45€ per night pper apartment >3 months
    Hotel Please contact AIL Madrid to discuss requirements

    Please see our accommodation section for more information.

    A damage deposit of 60€ is required for stays in shared flats as well as in host families. The damage deposit is due on your first day at school and should be paid by debit/credit card. The guarantee is refunded to your debit/credit card on departure once AIL Madrid have received the keys and your room has been satisfactorily inspected*. Please note part or all of the guarantee may be retained if:
    • The bedroom is not left in a clean and tidy state
    • The student has caused a noise disturbance
    • The student has damaged the furniture or part of the installations of the flat
    *The guarantee will be refunded in a period of less than a week following your departure.

    Student Residence Booking Confirmation Deposit: In order to reserve your place in the student residence an upfront payment of one month is required and should be paid at the time of making your booking. On arrival at AIL Madrid, the Booking Confirmation Deposit converts into a Guarantee. This will be returned in a period of less than 7 days following your departure in the same form as it was paid.

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