Instituto Cervantes

Our Students

Our students come from the 4 corners of the globe
with 63 countries represented in our student
population last year. This variety and diversity
results in a real melting pot of cultural and ethnic mix.
From our teachers you will learn about Spain
and Spanish customs and your classmates will
give you a global education!

As the table below shows, all age ranges are
represented. Most of our students are young adults
(aged under 29) with a sizeable and significant
minority of more mature students.


Age range of students

Age range
Intensive courses (%)
Under 20 12
20-29 47
30-39 17
40-49 11
50+ 13

Last year, we had a highly motivated
and energetic retired 77 year old lady
joining our complete beginner class -
she is the living proof that it is never
too late to start learning a new language!

It should be noted that the average
age of students is younger on the
intensive/day courses whilst our
part time/evening students tend to
be of working age, living in Madrid.


Every student is an individual and has his/her own story and reasons for coming to Madrid to learn Spanish. Some students come to AIL for their first dabble in a foreign language whilst others are looking to become fluent in their 3rd or 4th language. Studies, travel, work, fun and love are reasons frequently quoted by our students for learning Spanish. Read some of their stories below.

I decided to come to Madrid to study Spanish due to my looming exams
in the summer; I joined the Intensive course hoping to brush up on my
grammar and to learn a few subjunctive phrases to impress the examiners.
After finally getting my results back, I realized I smashed the Spanish exam
with a B+ and that's why I decided to come back to AIL to keep improving my
Spanish with my future career in mind.
I came to Madrid in 2009 because of a work relocation; I decided to enrol onto
the Premium course to really fast-track my Spanish learning, to be fully set for
my new job when it started up. After 4 weeks of study I started to get to grips with
my Spanish and as I started working I decided to change onto the Evening course,
due to its flexible set-up with my work schedule. Now my wife´s joined me on the
course which has made it into a friendly competition: which I´m struggling to win!

For my New Year’s resolution, I decided to pick up my Spanish learning again. I
only stayed for 2 weeks but I managed to see all the “must-see” things in Madrid
and took in some much needed sunshine at the same time. I met lots of people
and I had so much fun with the Afternoon Activities. Completely a worthwhile trip.
After a holiday with my friends to Mallorca, I realized I could never understand the
locals: even ordering a drink and talking to girls was a mission. I love spending
summer in Spain so I decided to invest in a 4 week summer trip to Madrid, which
is how I stumbled across AIL. Now I can speak Spanish with Spaniards, and will
return for sure next summer to see my Spanish friends.

Medium duration of Intensive Course

Course Duration
Students (%)
1-2 weeks  32 
 3-4 weeks
  1-2 months 13
   2-3 months
More than 3 months
Around 50% of our students join our Intensive courses for 4 weeks
or less. Usually students come to Madrid to take a crash course to
boost their Spanish, prepare for exams or work placements.

The other 50% join our long-term programs to completely immerse
themselves in the Spanish language and culture. Normally those
who sign up to our long-term courses are: preparing to study at a
Spanish university, to become fluent in Spanish for their career or
using their Gap Year to learn Spanish.

Ranging levels of students

Intensive Courses (%)
A1  29
A2  24
B2  15
C1   9
C2   4
We offer different levels of study which fit perfectly with the diverse
students that we have at AIL Madrid.

As the table shows more than 50% of our students enrol at the school
as Basic Spanish speakers (levels A1 and A2). 34% are Independant
Spanish students that come to Madrid to complete their knowledge in
the Spanish grammar (levels B1 and B2). Our Proficient Spanish speakers
students represent 13% of the total (levels C1 and C2).

At AIL, our students often comment on the great atmosphere present in
their classes which is greatly due to the diversity between the gender,
nationality and age of the students. This mixture provides a perfect base
for language learning offering a great range of opinions and debates in class.

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