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At AIL Madrid , we believe learning the Spanish language should not be limited to the classroom, but should encompass a wide plethora of different learning techniques which the student is able to develop in his/her own time To facilitate this learning, have a fully equipped Self Study Centre Facilites which includes: 

1. Spanish Reading Material

Reading in Spanish is an excellent way for students to develop a better understand of the Spanish language, see new sentence structures and improve vocabulary. AIL Madrid has many types of grammatical, linguistic and literature books available to borrow.     

2. Spanish Listening Materials

The Self Study Centre is equipped with a television, DVD player and interactive audio visual learning DVDs/CDs Students are free to enjoy movies and watch Spanish TV programs and become familiar with the pronunciation of Spanish speakers and the different accents in the Spanish speaking world.

Spanish Languge School Madrid Self Study Centre Computers Wi Fi

Modern computers - always available
 for students

3. High Speed Internet Access

Find out what is going on in Madrid and where, catch up with friends and family at home and make new friends.   

4. Information on Madrid and its surroundings

Up to date listing of current and future events, maps of the Spanish tal and other materials of places of interest are available  If you need any more information, do not hesitate to contact 's Student Advisors

The Self Study Centre is open from 9h - 21:00h.

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