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Start Dates for Complete Beginners

If you have never studied any Spanish before, then you will be looking to start from the very beginning. Unlike other schools, we do not say that complete beginners can start anytime and then just throw them with other students who have already studied. This approach is not best for the student and could cause a tense and unpleasant start to your Spanish learning adventure.

Our policy is to have new complete beginner groups starting every two weeks – see below for the upcoming dates. Chose the date that best fits with your needs to ensure your introduction to Spanish is smooth and enjoyable. If you cannot make one of these dates, please do tell so we can send you all the appropriate learning materials so you can self-study before coming to Madrid (at no additional cost) and/or offer you private catch up classes on arrival.

You can see our start dates for our Complete Beginners Courses for 2018 here.

Start Dates for Complete Beginners: 2018

5th November

19th November 3rd December 17th December

Start Dates for Complete Beginners: 2019

8th January 21st January 4th February

18th February 4th March 18th March

1st April 15th April 29th April

13th May 27th May 10th June

24th June 8th July 22nd July

5th August 19th August 2nd September

16th September 30th September 14th October

28th October 11th November 25th November

  10th December  

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