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Learn Spanish and take Salsa classes in Madrid

Salsa is a dance that corresponds to Salsa music. The word is the same as the Spanish word salsa meaning ‘sauce’, but in this case it refers to flavour or style, alluding to the hot and sensual style of the dance. Salsa music is a fusion of traditional African and Cuban and other Latin-American rhythms that travelled from the islands Cuba and Puerto Rico to New York during the migration, somewhere between the 1940s and the 1970s.

Salsa is a slot or spot dance, i.e., unlike in Tango the couple does not travel over the dance floor much, but rather occupies a fixed area on the dance floor. There are no strict rules of how Salsa should be danced, although a number of styles can be distinguished. Among these, the most common ones are the Cuban style, the New York style or the Los Angeles style.

At our dance schools we primarily teach the Cuban style for beginners and intermediates, although more advanced students can sometimes opt for the more advanced Los Angeles and New York styles. Either way, your teachers will all be perfectly qualified to teach them.

Do you have any questions? Please get in contact with our Spanish and Dance advisors!
If you are only interested in dance classes, please contact our dance advisor.

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