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Learn Spanish and Tango in MadridTango is a partner dance form that originated in Argentina. The dance originated in lower-class districts of Buenos Aires, during the late 19th century. The music derived from the fusion of music from Europe, the South American Milonga, and African rhythms. The musical styles that evolved together with the dance are also known as ‘tango’. Early tango was known as tango criollo or simply tango.

Today, there are many tango dance styles including Argentine tango, ballroom tango (American and International styles), Finnish tango, Chinese tango, and vintage tangos. The Argentine tango is regarded as the "authentic" tango since it is closest to how they originally danced in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Initially it was just one of the many dances, but it soon became popular throughout society, as theatres and street barrel organs spread it from the suburbs to the working-class slums, which were packed with hundreds of thousands of European immigrants.

Music and dance elements of tango are popular in activities related to dancing because of its dramatic feeling and rich opportunities for improvisation on the eternal topic of love.

That is one of the reasons why many of our students are so attracted to this dance, as it makes them feel passionate and full of fire.

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