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What are the benefits of the DELE exam?

Spanish DELE Exam, the gateway for a career in SpainObtaining the DELE certificate provides many benefits: 
  • The DELE qualification is highly regarded by universities and employers.
  • It is a valuable addition and extra benefit to your gap year experience.
  • It is a prerequisite for many undergraduate and postgraduate university courses.
The DELE certificates are the only officially accredited qualifications issued by Spain’s Ministry for Education that are administered internationally. They are recognized worldwide by private companies, chambers of commerce and public and private educational systems. Their use is mainly related to educational and professional contexts.

Spanish DELE Preparation Course, Instituto Cervantes syllabus
The Instituto Cervantes is in charge of the certificate and performs a series of actions in order to increase the international recognition of the DELE certificate. In some countries DELE certifications have been adopted by educational authorities and public-sector teaching institutions as a supplement to their own assessment programmes.

The DELE is ideal for gaining an advantage in the labour market and for accessing educational institutions, both in Spain and in the more than 90 countries where the tests are administered.

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