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How to register for the DELE Exam?

Registration for the DELE Certificate

Once you’ve decided the dates and the level of the DELE exam that you wish to take, you will need to register and pay for the exam. This cost does not come included in our course price and registration is something you will need to do yourself.

To complete the registration, you need to complete the following steps:
1.    Go to the Instituto Cervantes website.
2.    Create a new account by filling in all your details.
3.    Once logged into your account, on the menu on the left click “Mis Inscripciones”.
4.    Choose the country, city and date you want to do the exam.
5.    On the next page choose the specific level of the exam you want to take and which centre in the city you want to take it at.
6.    Finally, to finish the registration process, you must enter the following information:
  •   First and last name
  •   Date of birth
  •   Birthplace
  •   Nationality
  •   Gender
  •   Address before and after the exam
  •   E-mail address
  •   Phone number
  •   Passport number or NIE
Once you’ve completed all of these steps, you must select a payment method in order to confirm your registration. Currently, there are two payment methods offered by the Instituto Cervantes: Credit/debit card or bank transfer.

In order to register for the DELE exam, candidates must meet some conditions. Please visit our page who can register for the DELE certificate page to find out more information.

At AIL Madrid, we know that the most important thing is for you to learn Spanish and improve your level in order to obtain the DELE Certificate. That is why, if you need any help at all, we are always will help you during the registration process.

How to register for an AIL Madrid DELE Preparation Course?

Enrol for your AIL Madrid DELE Preparation course with AIL Madrid's easy to use online Fee calculator

If you are a non EU National you may need a study visa. AIL Madrid can advise you on Spanish study visa requirements and can assist you in the application process. If your Spanish visa application is rejected, we will return your course fees and accommodation costs in full, subject to AIL Madrid's Terms and Conditions.

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