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Cities surrounding Madrid to visit

Cities surrounding Madrid, day trips - Toledo

Toledo´s Alcázar


The city’s historic centre is one of the largest of Spain with more than 100 monuments due to its long and interesting history. In December 1987, the UNESCO declared Toledo a World Heritage city in recognition of its unique history. In the past, the city was host to Christian, Islamic and Hebrew culture. This is especially reflected in its architecture – it is almost impossible to walk its streets without coming across an ancient mosque, a Gothic or Mudejar church, a Romanesque or Visigothic structure, a synagogue, or a Renaissance palace.


Cities surrounding Madrid, day trips - Segovia
Segovia´s Aqueduct

Segovia is situated next to the Community’s capital called Valladolid. It is only 87 km away from Madrid and it lies 750m over the sea level. Segovia has a long history and the monuments we can see today are evidence of Celtic, Roman and Germanic ancestors. The most famous landmark of Segovia is its aqueduct (“acueducto”) heritage of Segovia's Roman times. It also has an impressive castle called “Alcazár”.

   San Lorenzo del Escorial          

Cities surrounding Madrid, day trips - San Lorenzo

 El Escorial ´s San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo del Escorial lies in the heart of the Sierra de Guadarrama and only 50 km away from Madrid. It offers architectural and cultural highlights as well as a natural ambience which invites you to relax and enjoy the pure air which often lacks in the big city of Madrid. 

El Escorial has many impressive pieces of architecture and was traditionally the residence of the reigning King and Queen. The most important architectonical building is the Monastery of El Escorial, which was claimed as a building of world interest by the UNESCO in the year 1982. The second-most visited building is the “Valle de los Caidos” (the Village of the Fallen) which guarantees an extraordinary sight over the hills, mountains and landscape of the Sierra de Guadarrama.

Due to its proximity to the Sierra de Guadarrama, the Granja de San Ildefonso and the ski station of Navacerrada, it is a very attractive destination not only for visitors to the area but also for anyone who enjoys nature. 

Cities surrounding Madrid, day trips - Salamanca
    Salamanca´s  Plaza Mayor 


Salamanca is a typical university and student city with streets packed with young people. It is an ideal destination to party for a weekend. Its historic centre is full of famous and impressive monuments from nearly all epochs that you can enjoy on a trip to Salamanca: Gothic cathedrals, Roman arches, artistic palaces and much more.

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