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Planning the Trip

Going abroad requires careful planning and organization. For many of our university pathway students, it is the first time they will have lived away from home, much less abroad, for an extended period of time. The following point should help you ensure that they are fully prepared for their journey of a lifetime.

  • Make sure they have a passport that will be valid for the whole duration of their stay in Spain.

  • Determine whether they will need a study visa and if so, make sure you allow sufficient time to obtain one.

  • Be sure to copy all the relevant travel documents and keep copies at home.

  • They should bring a couple of copies their passport and store them separately from the original.

  • Make sure they bring enough money to cover any expected expenditures and emergency costs during the journey to Madrid.Information about Spanish University Preparation Program for parents

  • Organize international health insurance and travel insurance.

  • They should have a medical check before they leave.

  • Be sure they bring a sufficient supply of any medical prescriptions.

  • Think about any countries they may want to visit while resident in Spain here and be sure they obtain any recommended vaccinations/medications.

How much money will the student need?

Students have different spending patterns based on their interests and what they want to do in Madrid. In recent years, prices in general have increased a little, but the cost of living in Madrid remains less than most other European capitals. Rents are very high and most likely will be the most expensive factor of the student’s stay in Madrid; however, affordable accommodation is provided by AIL Madrid.

To help you budget your trip, we have provided typical prices for a range of goods below.

What? Cost in Madrid (€)
Food, drinks, entertainment:  
Café 1.20-1.50
Small beer
Lunch(3 course meal) 10.00-18.00
Cinema ticket
Disco/club ticket
Metro tickets:  
1 journey
10 journeys
Monthly pass (Zone A, under 26) 20.00
Monthly pass (Zone A, 23 and over) 54.00
Bus tickets to other cities:  
Toledo 6.00
Barcelona 60.00

Will the student need a visa to enter Spain?

Study visas are required for all non-EU nationals entering Spain for a period of greater than 3 months and for residents of certain countries no matter the duration of the stay. Please see our Study Visa page for more information about obtaining visas to Spain.

What travel and medical insurance will the student need?

Typically, a student’s home health insurance does not cover the student while they are studying or traveling in another country. Please be sure to check with the insurance company to verify whether it covers the student while they are abroad or not. In cases where it does not, the student will need to obtain international insurance. AIL Madrid offers travel and medical insurance to its students so that they may travel safely. We are happy to answer any questions regarding the terms and conditions of our student travel and medical insurance.
Qualitative Spanish teachers

What is included in the course price?


Our tuition covers all courses offered in our Spanish University Pathway Program including our Fun Afternoon Activities.

University Preparation in SpainGuidance and Tutelage

The price of the Spanish University Foundation Course also includes the availability to the student of a personal advisor to help with university admission issues, preparation for admission exams, and any other student questions or concerns. In addition, the tuition includes academic progress tests and regular one-on-one meetings with the student’s professor in order to assess the student’s progress in the program.


All AIL Madrid accommodation (i.e. host families, shared flats and university residences) are screened by our accommodation advisor. For us it is important to maintain a trustful and honest relationship with our landlords so as to secure a convenient and comfortable living and study atmosphere for our students. In addition, our advisor is always available if you have any questions or problems of any kind.

Airport Pick-up Service

When a student first arrives in a foreign country with all their suitcases, it can be a bit frightening. To make the first day a little easier, AIL Madrid has arranged a complementary pick-up service for our Spanish University Preparation Program students. We provide for student collection from Madrid’s Barajas airport and transfer the students to their accommodation or to our school.

Emergency phone number

The Accommodation team is reachable on the emergency contact number 24 hours a day during the weekend and from 8h30 to 22h Monday to Friday. Emergency contact number : +34 660 574 922

Orientation week

Orientation week for Spanish University Preparation ProgramThe first week in a foreign country is always difficult.  It´s a new culture with new rules, a new language, and at times, different ways of doing some of the most basic things. In order to make your transition easier, AIL Madrid has an Orientation Week Program for its university preparation students.

The Orientation Week Program includes a student welcome evening with tapas and drinks, which will give you the opportunity to meet and get to know your fellow classmates. In addition, AIL Madrid will give their university preparation students a guided city tour around Madrid. We will also organize a get together at a local establishment where all the students and teachers can introduce themselves. In addition, we provide all the information you need about transportation around the city, siestas, neighbourhoods, safety etc.”

Local information

Whether you decide to go abroad for a couple of weeks or a longer period, it is incredibly important to have enough knowledge about the destination and to be well-informed about the cultural differences, local laws and local customs. AIL Madrid provides its students with information about Madrid e.g. the neighbourhoods (barrios), services (shops, restaurants, etc.) things to do (sightseeing, museums, etc.), cultural differences, things to look out for and be careful about, as well as many other tips and useful local information.

Learning Materials

The grammar books that are used in our Spanish classes are included in the standard tuition as well as several additional learning materials.

Should you have any further questions please contact us!

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