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The Most Marvelous Spanish School in Madrid

AIL Madrid is welcoming, friendly, happy, excited, Cervantes accredited, and so fabulous it's out of this world!

The School

AIL Madrid will give you more friends than Facebook, more professional skills than LinkedIn, more family than you can count to embarrass you on holiday, and will make your heart explode from loving your life too much.

AIL Madrid’s curriculum is designed by Spanish language rocket scientists and will launch your Spanish skills into outer space faster than Sputnik.

AIL Madrid is Picasso’s greatest work in Madrid’s edgiest museum, the sound of a Flamenco guitar in a softly lit room, late nights at the bar with new friends, and only one question remains: are you ready for it?

AIL Madrid Teachers

AIL teachers are energetic, bubbling over with enthusiasm, and spontaneously combust from laughter on a daily basis.

They are heated debates in the classroom, educational walks in the park, famous Spanish actors teaching your grammar of the day, and the notes of a song as you guess the lyrics.

They are our pride and joy and give every day a little more sparkle than the last! To get to know our teachers better, visit the Teachers at AIL page or watch the AIL Madrid Teachers Web Series!

AIL Madrid Students

You the student are the center of our universe. Like your new AIL friends you come from all over the globe, are of all ages and have all different levels of Spanish. Like the rest of us, you’ve been drawn by the magnetic, hypnotic life force that is Madrid to learn Spanish, and to live life to the fullest.

The experiences you share with us will inspire and motivate others to be like you; to leap head first into life, and to grab the chance for adventure, every minute of every day!

AIL Madrid Students
Elin - Spanish student
Elin - 25Spain

Intensive Course

One thing that I like about Madrid is that the nightlife is really great here and it’s normal to go out all night!

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Intensive Spanish student - James
James - 24United Kingdom

Intensive Course

I’m currently between a masters and a job in public relations. either way, I think Spanish is going to be helpful!

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Paola - Spanish and dance student
Paola- 38France

Spanish and Dance

I'm a grammar freak and I love tango! My classes here are amazing, its starting to become an addiction!

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