Learning Process and Objectives

Hitch Your Language Learning Rocket to a Star!

AIL Madrid offers the crème de la crème of curricula and helps you achieve goals so enormous you probably didn't think you'd achieve them within your lifetime!


AIL Madrid is here not only to help you achieve your goals, but to go way beyond them: we will send you on an unforgettable immersion experience that will soon have you dreaming in Spanish!

It is vital that you develop the full range of Spanish skills, so we make sure you have a balance of conversation, listening, reading, and writing activities throughout the program. The classes also feature interactive games, debates, music, and films! You will be amazed how quickly your Spanish comes to life as you work through a whole range of practical situations and you will soon feel as comfortable interacting in the bars, restaurants, and shops of Madrid as you do in the classroom! The Madrileños love to talk, and we will give you the skills to get you talking with them!

But your education doesn't stop there: The Spanish language means so much more when you understand Spain's unique history and culture. A big part of your AIL Madrid experience are the daily fun after class activities in Spanish such as educational workshops, cooking classes, visits to Madrid's finest museums, as well as guided tours of the city's historic neighborhoods. We want to take you to the heart of Madrid, because we know you're going to love it!

We also want to make sure you leave with a mountain of new friends and memories that will have you smiling when you're back home in the frozen food isle, at the gas station, or sat on the bus on a grey Monday morning: our Welcome Tapas evening on the first day of class, and the notorious "Fiesta con AIL" every Friday are a guaranteed way to get to know your fellow students from around the world! All in the company of the exceptionally friendly AIL team!


Our innovative, communication-based methodology covers the structures required for each level of the European Common Framework. Class sizes are kept small to ensure that every student gets the personal attention they need to help them meet their objectives and facilitate communication at all times.

Each level of the Common Framework can be broken down into a precise list of structures. However, the whole ethos of the Framework is that it is based on communicative skills rather than the grammatical structures that underline them. Levels are defined by what you can actually do with the language instead of your mechanical knowledge. Furthermore, what makes the immersion courses at AIL Madrid so special is the fact that students have to engage with the language on a daily basis in real life settings. We can help give your Spanish a new dimension by galvanizing your existing knowledge as well as looking at new structures.

At AIL Madrid we place the student at the heart of the learning process. This means maximum participation which is why we only work with groups of 8 students or less. We move as quickly as possible from intuitive explanations of the relevant structures to putting them into practice. As we do this we pay attention to the student's actual “performance” with the language as well as their grammatical accuracy. This means working on word stress, rhythm of speech, intonation and even volume of voice, eye contact, and body language. We use audio-visual equipment to record students and analyze their weak points as we work on developing fluency and confidence. None of this excludes a systematic study of Spanish grammar. We simply do this within as communicative a context as possible. This process continues in the afternoon activities, and is part of the overall ethos of the school.

We use a core text book which is based on the European Common Framework, but we complement this with additional material and digital applications to make the learning process as varied and dynamic as possible. Our teachers are all fully qualified career Spanish teachers with extensive experience, and above all a passion for language learning and an ability to connect with their students. You can learn more about each Course objectives in the Courses section, or get to know our teachers better through the Teachers at AIL page. We can't wait to meet you!

Fun in the Spanish classroom

Learn more about each Courses' objectives in the Courses section, or get to know our teachers better through the Teachers at AIL page. We hope to see you soon!