Paloma G

Hi there, I'm Paloma G! Though it may seem a little odd, my most prized possession is a gift that my father gave me when I started college, a book of comedies by Pedro Calderon de la Barca, written in 1765. Reading it was a wonderful experience and I love sharing it with my students to help teach them the beauty of our language!

Behind the Scenes


"Peace begins with a smile!"

My wildest dream

My dream is to swim with dolphins!

Favorite food

Fried eggs with fried potatoes and ham, delicious!

Why I teach Spanish

I feel real passion for teaching and I always felt called to it, especially because of my love for the Spanish language. Spanish is a living language, full of variations and exquisite literature, so having the opportunity to pass on my knowledge is a huge privilege. This profession gives me the opportunity to explore new worlds without even leaving the classroom!


Paloma G

AIL Madrid Spanish Teacher