Hello! I am Susana Marqués, and I’m the only person from La Rioja who doesn’t like wine! You see? Stereotypes aren’t always true! My passion is teaching and I’m so happy I can incorporate that into my job as Academic director here at AIL Madrid.

Behind the Scenes


“Take it one step at a time”

Spirit animal

I would love to be a bird: to feel the wind against my face and fly over rivers and mountains.

Favorite Color

Turquoise, without a doubt! I associate it with nature, energy and tranquility.

Why I teach Spanish

I love teaching and I feel so fortunate to be someone who loves going to work every day! On the one hand, it is wonderful to see the progress that students experience throughout their courses and on the other hand, being a Spanish teacher gives me the opportunity to spend time with people from cultures, ages and who lead different lives. It is incredibly enriching!


Meet Susana!

AIL Madrid Academic Director