Spanish Courses in Madrid Classes

Spanish Courses in Madrid

AIL Madrid courses are immersive, artistic, full of discovery and conversation, and led by our staggeringly impressive native teachers. Each one has something special and fun to offer; the exciting array includes Intensive Spanish, Spanish with Art or Dance, Evening Spanish for professionals, Gap Year Spanish, Business Spanish, and the list continues!

  • General Spanish

    Ready to devote yourself to an intensive, semi intensive, or long term course? Looking to add Spanish to your fabulous list of life skills? This is your category!

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  • Part Time

    Fitting Spanish in around your busy schedule? You can have it all with one of our private, evening, weekend, or Skype classes!

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  • Spanish + Experience

    Dream big by combining Spanish with dance, art, TEFL, Club 50+, travel, or work experience! Our most entertaining courses make your dreams come true!

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  • Exam Preparation

    Taking your relationship with Spanish to the next level? Get serious and prepare for DELE, 'A' level, business, or tourism exam. We also have university preparation, school trips and more!

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  • Professional Courses

    Looking for courses specific to your career as a Spanish teacher, pilot, flight attendant, doctor, nurse, ambassador, diplomat, or for Spanish sector related business? We have designed courses just for you!

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  • Educational Study Tours

    Planning an exciting trip for a school group, an enlightening high school year abroad, or an adventurous summer camp with the opportunity to learn Spanish? We’ve got it all right here!

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  • All Courses

    Interested in a little bit of everything? Feast your eyes on our complete list of courses, from Intensive Courses to Spanish and Dance to DELE preparation! We have a fantastic variety of choices you can’t resist. Select your favourite one!

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  • Fun After Class Activities

    The AIL Madrid curriculum is too potent to stay inside a classroom: join us every afternoon as we visit Madrid’s incredible museums, ride bikes along the river, get creative in Spanish cooking classes, and walk Madrid’s breathtaking streets!

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  • Erasmus+ program

    You’re probably already familiar with the Erasmus program from your time at university, but you might not have heard of Erasmus+! The European Union developed these exchange programs to encourage the trade of knowledge and experiences between different ed

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