Intensive Spanish Course

Intensive Spanish Course at a Glance

Classes per week

20 group classes

FUN after class activities

5 activities included
See this week's activities


Average 6, max. 8

Course duration

1 - 52 weeks


Monday - Friday

9am-12:50pm or 1-4:50pm

Start Dates

Every Monday

Complete beginners see

Class duration

50 minutes


All levels, from A1 to C2


Price per week

190 € per week + 50€ enrollment fee

8 weeks

170 € per week
(discounted by 20€ per week)
50€ enrollment fee

9 or more weeks

170 € per week
(discounted by 20€ per week + no enrollment fee)

Intensive Spanish Course: a teacher’s view

¡Hola a todos!

My name is Susana Marqués, I'm the Director of Studies here at AIL Madrid, and I'm here to tell you all about our Intensive Spanish Course!

What is the Intensive Spanish Course?

Live like the Spanish from the very beginning!

With our intensive Spanish course, you are going to learn at a quick pace, and as our students always say, your time with us will fly by!

This course consists of 20 Spanish classes a week, four classes a day, that are structured throughout the day in the following format:

  • In the first two classes you will revise and reinforce what you learned the day before, putting your homework into practice through oral activities, writing, and grammar-strengthening exercises, as well as studying new content, all with your first teacher.
  • Then there is a small break for half an hour, to replenish your energy with a good coffee whilst chatting to your classmates and getting to know other students at the school.
  • In the following two classes you will continue learning new content with your second teacher, taking it in through different activities that work on all your communication skills, especially speaking.
  • As you have read, you will have two teachers on the course, meaning you will enjoy two different personalities, two individual teaching styles, and most importantly, two great teachers that entirely focus on your learning, adapting the course to ensure that you fulfil all your learning objectives and improve at a quick and consistent pace.

    Furthermore, on the first day, we organise a Welcome reception where you will try some typical tapas from Madrid so that you can get to know the rest of the new students.

    Day-to-day life on the intensive Spanish course

    Every day is different and you will live out a mini adventure during which you will be continuously immersed in the main communication skills: speaking, writing, and comprehension, both orally and in writing. Although classes are well structured and planned, with set learning objectives made for each class, every day you will face different challenges, such as new Spanish irregular verbs, new uses of the verb tenses, vocabulary you didn’t yet know, grammatical rules, or a conversation theme you haven’t discussed before. It happens in the same way as that every time you go out on the street and start talking to the Spaniards, they make your learning more comprehensive and develop in a global way.

    On our intensive course you are the priority, and we guarantee you will advance quickly and naturally with the language.

    Your learning of the Spanish language doesn’t end in the classroom; every day you can enjoy fun afternoons of sociocultural activities that consist of visits to the main museums in Madrid or guided tours of the most famous areas of the city.

    We also think it’s important to mention that on the weeks where there is a national or regional holiday, you do not lose these hours of classes; you will make up for them during the rest of the week so that your learning is not affected at all.

    Advantages of the intensive course

    The advantages of our intensive Spanish course are:

    • You are going to achieve your short-term goals, which will increase your motivation to learn more and better.
    • Your fluency by means of communication will improve almost without you even noticing.
    • As it is a daily course, it ensures you will gain confidence in participating in class, practicing with yourself, and solving all your doubts with your teachers.
    • Within each level we have several groups in both the morning and afternoon, which means we can ensure that you will be in a class that exactly matches your language ability and corresponds with your language level.

    And not only all of that, the intensity of the course makes you create lasting bonds with all of your peers and teachers very quickly, which will make your Spanish learning experience unforgettable on a personal level. You will make new friendships that last a lifetime and that will fill suitcase home with unforgettable memories!