Spanish Course and Dance Classes

Spanish Course and Dance Classes at a Glance

Classes per week

20 group

5 dance

FUN after class activities

5 exciting activities are included weekly in the course price! Explore the stunning Museums and picturesque corners of Madrid, Monday- Friday from (typically) 5:10-6:50pm!


The average class has 6 students, with a maximum of 8 students (one of the smallest, most personal class sizes available in Madrid!).

Course duration

1 - 52 weeks


Monday - Friday

Morning / Afternoon

Class duration

50 min


We have classes available for complete beginners (A1) to Spanish language masters (C2)! Courses are offered at all levels in accordance with the common European Framework of Reference for Languages.


1 to 7 weeks

295 € per week
50€ enrollment fee

8 weeks

278 € per week
50€ enrollment fee
Discounted by 17€

9 and more weeks

278 € per week
no enrollment fee
Discounted by 17€

Spanish Course and Dance Classes: a teacher’s view

Hi there!

I’m Carmen, I'm a Spanish teacher here at AIL, and I’d like to tell you about our Spanish and Dance Course.

At night you have a dream you are on the dance floor, with music and movement swirling around you. Someone approaches you and asks you to dance- they ask in Spanish but you understand, reply with a few perfectly accented words, and give them your hand. You feel confident, happy, and the steps are second nature. You close your eyes and open them again, expecting to find yourself at home in bed, only to discover that this magical scene is your reality; these talents are your own. You’re dancing in Madrid, speaking Spanish with the locals, and the images that play through your mind at night have come true all because you signed up for Spanish and Dance with AIL. Salsa, flamenco, sevillanas, tango are at their best right here in the Spanish capital, where we partner with Madrid's most respected, centrally located dance schools to bring you any style you've ever dreamed of! Let the rhythm wash over you as our professional teachers guide you through the steps, no matter your level or previous experience. Your daily schedule will include an Intensive Spanish Classes (4 classes a day) and daily Fun After Class Activities at AIL, as well as dance classes (1 class a day) in one of the capital’s most popular dance schools that will keep you moving for years to come.