Long-Term Spanish Course

Long-Term Spanish Course at a Glance

Classes per week

20 group classes

FUN after class activities

5 activities included See this week's activities


Average 6, max. 8

Course duration

8 - 52 weeks


Monday - Friday
9am-12:50pm or 1-4:50pm

Start Dates

Every monday

Class duration

50 minutes


All levels, from A1 to C2


8 weeks

170 € per week + 50€ enrollment fee

9 to 52 weeks

170 € per week
No enrollment fee

Long-Term Spanish Course: a teacher’s view

Hi there!

I'm Ana and I’m a Spanish teacher here at AIL Madrid.

The Long-Term Spanish Course in Madrid is designed for students who wish to dedicate a term, semester or even longer to a full immersion in Spanish language and culture. This program is incredibly rewarding both for the students and for me! It's fantastic when I'm starting the journey with complete beginners and I can guide them on their very first steps towards communicating in a completely new language!

When I meet long term students who are starting Spanish from scratch, many are unsure of how to greet me in Spanish on their first day at the school and yet by the time we say our goodbyes, we are communicating fluently!

A big advantage of this program is that through spending so many hours with the students, I get to know every single one of them. This helps me to develop the teaching approach which works best for each individual and to prepare highly personalized classes, adapted to their specific needs. The professional satisfaction I get from watching them progress, combined with the special bonds we create, makes it extremely hard to say goodbye when the last class finally comes around!