Private Spanish Lessons

Private Spanish Lessons at a Glance

Classes per week

As many as you like. Students typically take 5 classes a week if combined with group classes. We recommend taking private classes for 2 hours per session.


Individual or mini group of 2 or 3 students


Monday - Friday: anytime between 8am-9pm

Saturday: anytime between 9am-2pm

Outside of these times, please consult availability and prices

Start Dates

Any day of the week

Class duration

50 minutes. Each session can consist of more than one class.


All levels, from A1 to C2


Private Spanish Lessons

1 to 9 classes

40€ per class

10+ classes

35€ per class

Private Group - 2 people

1 to 9 classes

45€ per class

10+ classes

40€ per class

Private Group - 3 people

1 to 9 classes

50€ per class

10+ classes

45€ per class

Private Spanish Lessons: a teacher’s view

Hi there!

My name is Jesús and I would like to talk to you about Individual Spanish lessons at AIL Madrid.

Individual Spanish lessons are, without doubt, the most convenient way of learning Spanish as they give you the freedom to shape your classes to your own needs and goals. You decide the number of classes you want to take, where and when they take place, and (most importantly) what they focus on. You control the pace and rhythm of learning, thereby maximizing your progress.

Before we start, you will be asked to provide us with detailed information on your current level and your objectives for the course. Based on that we will create a 100% personalized study program, selecting the best learning materials and a variety of exercises to ensure that your personal study objectives are not only met but exceeded!

You will learn to express yourself in real life situations, applying your knowledge of Spanish to your own personal context. The direct one-to-one contact, enables me get to know each one of my students and to use the optimum teaching techniques and materials for each individual. You also get to know me: the classes are filled with fun and the bond and a degree of friend we create helps to remove any of the fear and embarrassment that can be a barrier to speaking a foreign language. Individual Spanish Classes can be taken alone or can be combined with any Spanish Course offered by AIL Madrid - my colleagues from the Student Care Team will be delighted to plan your classes so you can create the perfect schedule just for you!

Hope to see you very soon in one of my classes!

You can cancel your Evening Course class and make it up later by notifying our Student Care Team writing an email to at least one working day/24 hours before the class (except weekends and holidays). We are the only Spanish school that allows this, so you only pay for the classes you attend!

Classes can only be cancelled from Monday to Friday. It is not possible to cancel a class scheduled for Monday on Saturday or Sunday.