Club 50+

Club 50+ at a Glance

Classes per week

20 group classes

FUN after class activities

Exclusive for Club 50+ students


Average 6, max.8

Course duration

1 - 2 weeks


Monday - Friday
9 am-12:50 pm or 1-4:50 pm

Start Dates

Class duration

50 min


From A1.2 to C2


1 to 2 weeks

230 € per week
50€ enrollment fee

Club 50+: a teacher’s view

Hi there!

My name is Ana and I'm so excited to introduce you to our Club 50+ Program!

Over the years I've taught students of all ages and stages but, of all of them, those who also happen to be aged 50+ have proved to be a lasting source of inspiration! So what's so special about them? That's easy: it's the joy and enthusiasm they bring to the classroom! Our 50+ students simply love learning, have overcome the self consciousness that can be a barrier to learning, and are open to a whole range of activities. They share their stories and they brighten up the classroom with their laughter. It's so rewarding to see their expectations for self-improvement fulfilled, and to watch as with each day of the course they gain confidence, and make progress. The Club 50+ students constantly remind me that our language learning days are never over and that there is always more to achieve! At AIL, our experience shows that Club 50+ students are looking for much more than a Spanish language course. This is why we offer you a full Spanish experience! We invite you to explore Madrid with us, to try the city's famous tapas, and to discover the delights of Spanish music, art, and history. An AIL Madrid course involves a range of carefully selected activities for every afternoon or evening of your stay. The activities program is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the rhythms of daily Spanish life under the guidance of an expert teacher who will encourage you to use Spanish, provide correction, and give you an insight into the joys of this unique city. At AIL, Club 50+ students are placed in groups based on their level of Spanish (assessed before your arrival to Madrid) and therefore should expect to be in classes with students of all ages. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner we have the right course for you.

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