Business Spanish Course

Business Spanish Course at a Glance

Classes per week

As many as you want. Students usually take 5 classes per week if combined with group classes. We recommend having individual classes in blocks of two teaching hours.


Individual or mini group of 2 or 3 students

Course duration



Monday - Sunday

Anytime between 8:30am-10pm

Start Dates

Any day of the week, including Saturdays and Sundays.

Class duration

50 minutes. Each session can consists of more than one class


Level B1 or above recommended


1 to 9 private classes

40€ per class
no enrollment fee

10+ private classes

35€ per class
no enrollment fee

Business Spanish Course: a teacher’s view

Hi there!

My name is Sonia, I’m a Business Spanish teacher here at AIL with over half a decade of experience, and I’d like to tell you a little more about our courses for professionals.

My colleagues and I specialize in providing Spanish language training for the professionals of today and of the future; I personally find that there is no greater joy than to see my students achieve their goal of speaking elegantly and, most importantly, with the confidence needed a professional environment.

Keeping this ethos in mind, we offer classes in virtual classrooms either on your company premises, your home, or here at AIL Madrid and are able to create personalized programs based in your field and areas of expertise.

Our business Spanish courses focus on developing the practical language skills essential for the international business world, as well as specifically Spanish terms and concepts. We form groups for corporate clients following an extensive needs analysis, and also run individual programs for anyone who needs to improve their performance in meetings, presentations and negotiations, and to develop their writing skills.

Our business Spanish students are typically executives living in Madrid, people who work in an international business environment and need to engage with the Spanish speaking world, or younger students preparing for a bright future. Business students can also take the prestigious Madrid Cámara de Comercio Exams.