Corporate Language Training

Corporate Language Training at a Glance

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Class duration

50 minutes


All levels, from A1 to C2

Corporate Language Training: a teacher’s view

¡Hola a todos!

My name is Susana Marqués, I'm the Director of Studies here at AIL Madrid, and I'm here to tell you all about our Corporate Language Training Course

AIL Madrid has great experience of teaching Spanish to companies, and we understand the importance of creating flexible options that reflect the diverse needs of Spanish students in business. Our clients come from a wide variety of backgrounds, from diplomatic staff, to the tourism industry, through to the financial sector, and they are looked after by our amazingly qualified Spanish teachers with ample work experience in international business environments. We teach intercultural themes especially well, but whatever your needs for Spanish training, AIL Madrid is here to help you optimise your performance in the world of international business.

Before we start organising the details of your business’s programme, we need to decide which of the following options is best for your needs:

Spanish programmes within the company

During the last decade we have organised numerous training programmes within businesses or in private homes. When we design a specific programme for a business, we work closely with your training department to create an analysis of your needs and an evaluation of the level of language to guarantee that the programme satisfies all the requirements of the company. From there, we organise private or group Spanish courses corresponding to the level, and make a timetable for the students.

Spanish classes at the academy

Many of our professional and corporate clients have mixed into group classes, or have individually personalised lessons, at our AIL Madrid centres. They are based in the centre of Madrid and the elite area of Salamanca, and we can offer intensive and individual programmes, as well as evening and weekend classes. Many of the professionals that study in this way choose it because they get to know other professionals that are learning Spanish as well, and they can also benefit from our interactive learning environment.

Diplomatic staff

As well as our linguistic experience, we are also specialists in intercultural communication. We put emphasis on the ability to not only express yourself, but to do it in a way that will benefit the situation. Consequently, our teachers are very talented at teaching professionals in diplomatic positions, wherever they want: at the office, at home, or in our centres.

To complete the necessary steps to organise your course, like the language level test, get in contact with us and we will arrange everything straight away.