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Hi there! I‘m Xandra from the Accommodation Team and I´m here to ensure you have a wonderful living experience here in Madrid!

We offer a range of accommodation options to make your course that bit more special: our housing options are top quality, reasonably priced, and are well connected to the school via public transport. But we take it beyond just somewhere to stay: many options, such as host families, will steer your language learning process to into the fast lane! It’s a fantastic way to get to the heart of Spanish culture, and definitely something to keep in mind when selecting your housing!

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  • Host Family

    Live with a native-Spanish host family in the center of Madrid! The best possible option to improve your Spanish, as well as providing a full cultural immersion!

    Host Family See housing
  • Shared Flat

    Make lifelong friends with other students 30 and under as you explore the delights of Madrid together! We offer clean, bright rooms, which are perfect for anyone looking to build a whole new international social life in Madrid! All flats are mixed gender.

    Shared Flat See housing
  • One Bedroom Apartment

    An executive flat is the perfect option for the independent adult, or couples, looking for their own space as they discover the wonders of Madrid!

    One Bedroom Apartment See housing
  • Host Family (juniors only)

    The Host Family Immersion Program for juniors provides a wonderful opportunity for students aged 18 and under to enjoy a warm and friendly international living experience with a caring, supportive host family!

    Host Family (juniors only) See housing
The Housing Matchmaker
The Housing Matchmaker

Independence or community? A big family dinner or relaxing with friends? Find out which housing option is right for you!.

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Housing: the Inside Scoop
Housing: the Inside Scoop

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