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"I want to take full advantage of my time in Madrid, have an authentic Spanish cultural experience, learn more about Spanish customs, have my meals cooked for me and my clothes washed. I want to practice as much Spanish as possible! I am between 18 and 30."

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"I want to live with like-minded young international students. I would like to be able to prepare my own meals and don’t mind taking care of my own laundry."

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"I value my own space, independence and comfort and I have the budget to allow me this luxury."

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"I want my own space, but would love to have my meals cooked for me and my laundry done. I am looking for an easy life. I am between 18 and 35."

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"I am looking for a traditional travel experience and am accustomed to staying in full service hotels or sharing a room in a youth hostel, preferably with the AIL discount!"

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