Free language resources for Spanish teachers

Free Spanish language resources for self learning

A1 level Spanish activities

In this section we have provided activities and games to use in A1 Spanish classes for beginners.

We have created activities for learning Spanish as a second language, with different themes such as the regular and irregular present tense, reflexive verbs, the verb ‘gustar’ and similar, the difference between the present tense and using ‘estar’ + the gerund, and food and clothing related vocabulary.

quizzes de español a1

A2 level Spanish activities

The elementary level (A2) Spanish activities section offers resources for ELE Spanish lessons, with content such as the different past tenses, the verbs ‘ser’ y ‘estar’, the imperfect tense, the regular and irregular preterite tense, and the difference between ‘qué’ and ‘cuál’.

quizzes de español a2

B1 level Spanish activities

By clicking the link above, you will find lots of activities for Spanish students at B1 level (intermediate).

There is a wide range of exercises for students to practice in Spanish class with all the core content of the B1 level, for example; the subjunctive with desires, suggestions, doubt, emotions and their associated structures.

quizzes de español b1

B2 level Spanish activities

In this B2 level (advanced) section, you can find a range of resources and activities to practice in your Spanish class.

The topics of these different ELE exercises, games and activities cover the uses of conditional phrases, phrases with ‘aunque’, region-specific vocabulary, radical-changing verbs and phrases with relative pronouns.

quizzes de español b2