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'Other' Museums in Madrid

'Other' Museums in Madrid I double majored while at Rice and one of those majors was Art History (the other – Managerial Studies) so living in the same city that is home to the Prado, Thyssen and Reina Sofia is thrilling for me – understandably. But the incredible art and collections don’...

Flamenco Shows in Madrid

Flamenco Shows in Madrid When Will and I came out to look at and evaluate IE about one year ago we had lunch one day at the home of a Spanish family that my cousin had lived with years before. The daughter in the family, Silvia, now a young adult, ...

Madrid's fascinating museums

Madrid's fascinating museums Museo del Prado The Museo del Prado holds the most complete collection of Spanish art in the world. It is famous for its wonderful collection of Goya (“Los fusilamientos de 3 de Mayo”), Velázquez (”Las Meninas”) as well as many other paintings and sculptures by influential artists. ...

Madrid books that I dig

Madrid books that I dig I am a travel book junkie. Oh and I am also a planner. If I am even considering a vacation for 3 years down the road…I will have all the appropriate books for it as soon as the thought pops in my head. If work ...

J&J Books and Coffee

J&J Books and Coffee I have always been an avid reader, but since moving to Madrid my appetite for good books has been almost insatiable. I find that after a long day of working and speaking entirely in Spanish, my brain needs its English fix to rest and ...

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  • Instituto Cervantes
  • Cámara de Comercio de Madrid
  • Asociación de Escuelas de Español de Madrid
  • Universidad de Alcalá
  • Bildungsurlaub
  • Camera di Commercio e Industria Italiana per la Spagna
  • Centrala studiestödsnämnden