Flamenco Shows in Madrid

Flamenco Shows in Madrid

When Will and I came out to look at and evaluate IE about one year ago we had lunch one day at the home of a Spanish family that my cousin had lived with years before. The daughter in the family, Silvia, now a young adult, had taken years of Flamenco. Since my cousin had not seen the family for some time she pleaded with Silvia to perform for us…and so she did.

Decked out in a pink and black dress, castanets in hand, Silvia performed a solo for us that caused the room to go silent. The only sounds, outside of her stomping feet (something I’m sure her neighbors loved them for), was the occasional “Olé” from her proud mother. After the performance was over Silvia’s father, Enrique joined in to dance with his daughter. The whole experience, which had followed a delicious home-made lunch of paella and sangria, basically sealed [for me] the decision to move to Spain.

Flamenco Shows in Madrid

I’ve seen Flamenco shows before and each and every time I go I have to remind myself to breathe and to close my mouth. While Madrid is not the capital of Flamenco – its a Gitano (gypsies) dance originating from the southern areas of Spain – it has its share of Flamenco venues. Many argue that only gypsies can truly dance Flamenco as only they can convey the true pain and heartache required. Well I don’t know about that…I just know what power it has over me and I never miss an opportunity to catch a dance – whether in a bar or someone’s living room.

Here are three key venues to catch Flamenco in Madrid:

(Disclaimer – its not cheap to see Flamenco at these places, especially if you want to include dinner, which I don’t recommend, but I promise you it will be a memorable evening)

  • Cardamomo: This is our take-all-our-guests-to flamenco venue. The place is smaller and the stage area quaint. It costs about €30 (includes one drink) for a show. Shows at 20.00 and 22.00. Reserve by phone or online.
  • Casa Patas: I like this place too and it might be more commonly recommended. The room where they dance is separate from the dining area so makes it intimate. So far I’ve seen the best male Flamenco dancers here. I’d say this show is more “traditional” than Cardamomo. €35 for the dance show (includes one drink). Reserve by phone or online.
  • Corral de la Moreria: I came here years and years ago with work. It was my first Flamenco experience so I naturally loved it. In hindsight the room is too large, with dining tables all around. But the performance was, as always, excellent. Reserve by phone, email or online.


Flamenco in Madrid