Palacio Real or Royal Palace in Madrid

Palacio Real or Royal Palace in Madrid

I had probably only walked by the Palacio Real a couple times since I had moved to Madrid. I was always curious what it looked like in the inside, just never took the time to do the tour. After living here almost a year, I finally got the opportunity to take my parents when they arrived for their first visit to Madrid a couple weeks ago.

We ended up stopping by on a Friday, and found we only had to wait in line for a couple minutes to purchase our tickets and pass through the metal detectors. We chose to do the self guided tour, 8 euros for adults, or 6.50 euros with a student i.d. Later on we learned that the guided tour for a euro more takes you through the same rooms as the self- guided tour, however the tour in English is only given during the summer months.

Royal Palace in Madrid

My favorite room was the Royal Pharmacy with all of the original vials concoctions used to mix the king’s medicines from witch hazel, to gold, to various alcohols. A favorite for my dad was the Armeria Real or Royal Armory. It has two floors of a very extenstive collection of armor, weaponry, and torture instruments. They even had on display armor for children and even your dog. The tour also takes you through a couple of the ballrooms, sitting rooms, and the throne room. The final room, Museo de Musica, was my mom’s favorite and has the world’s largest collection of five stringed instruments by Stradivarius. You also can enjoy the views onto the Campo del Moro off the backside of the Palace.

Afterwards we enjoyed the gardens in front of the Palacio in Plaza de Oriente. This area is also a nice place to rest with a cafe at one of the many cafes lining the gardens. From here it is a very easy to walk over to explore Plaza de Espana, or head south into the La Latina neighborhood.

Palacio Real Calle Bailen, Madrid, España 28071. Phone: 34 91454-8700. Opened Apr-Sept Mon-Sat 9-6, Sun 9-3; Oct-Mar Mon-Sat 9-5, Sun 9-2