Total Immersion Online Spanish Course

Total Immersion Online Spanish Course at a Glance

Classes per week

30 group classes per week, 6 classes a day

Online Activities

We offer 1 complementary online after class activity every week
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Average 6, max. 8

Course duration

1 - 52 weeks


Monday - Friday
9am-2:40pm CET or 11:10am-4:50pm CET depending on your level and our groupings

Start Dates

Every Monday

Class duration

50 minutes


All levels, from A1.2 to C2

Please note that depending on student numbers, online courses may be either fully online or hybrid (with students online and others in the classroom).

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1 to 7 weeks

290 € 261 € per week + 30€ e-book
no enrollment fee

Total Immersion: a teacher's view

Total Immersion: a teacher's view

Hi there!

My name’s Paloma M and I’m a Spanish teacher here at AIL Madrid!

The total immersion online Spanish course is currently our most complete and intensive course, with 30 hours of Spanish classes per week. It is designed to learn a lot in a short time and progress very quickly.

Who is it for?

The total immersion program in Spanish in virtual classrooms is ideal for those who have a limited period of time and want to complete their goals by investing their time in learning and progressing very quickly. This may be the case if you are on holiday and want to invest your time in discovering another world without moving from home, or for work or personal reasons you need to improve your Spanish language skills in a short time. Also, if you cannot afford to travel to another country to learn Spanish, this option allows you to save on travel and accommodation costs.

What is the total immersion Online Spanish course like?

With this comprehensive online Spanish immersion program, we guarantee that you will absorb all the essential language skills, and end up seeing a real difference in your understanding of the language before and after your course.

The 30 weekly online Spanish classes focus on a full range of skills, from reading and speaking to listening and writing, so that you have extensive exposure to the language. No other online Spanish program offers the same results in such a short period of time, and it's fun too! That's what makes AIL Madrid a leader in quality and academic excellence!

It is important to note that in this online Spanish course, you will be in two different groups (one of twenty hours per week and the other of ten) with two different teachers. Your schedule will most likely be from 9.00 to 15.00 or from 11.00 to 17.00, depending on your level and our current groups and schedules. Also, the two groups will be of similar, but not necessarily identical levels: for example, a B1 student may be in a low B1 group and a medium B1 group.

How do we teach Spanish using our virtual platform?

As in the case of face-to-face teaching, we attach the utmost importance to academic excellence in all of our Spanish courses, so we use a leading platform for online Spanish teaching.

With it, we will guarantee unbeatable connection quality in terms of audio and video so that you don't miss a single detail of your total immersion Spanish class, and you don't need to create unnecessary accounts or passwords in order to attend. It's as easy as clicking on a link that we will have previously sent you, so you don't need any special computer knowledge.

You can do everything that is done in a face-to-face class, work in pairs with your classmates, have public or private chats with participants, including your teacher, receive documents in digital format, interact with others as in a typical class through conversation, presentations, correction of exercises, games, etc., so that your progress is guaranteed.

If you are determined and want to achieve your goals, sign up for next Monday!