Premium Online Spanish Course

Premium Online Spanish Course at a Glance

Classes per week

20 group classes
5 individual classes


Average 6, max. 8

Course duration

1 - 52 weeks


4 group classes daily from Monday to Friday, 9h-12h50 CET or 13h-16h50 CET.
The individual classes are scheduled at your convenience before or after your group classes

Start Dates

Every Monday

Complete beginners see

Class duration

50 minutes


All levels, from A1 to C2

Please note that depending on student numbers, online courses may be either fully online or hybrid (with students online and others in the classroom).

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Price per week

346 € per week + 30€ e-book
no enrollment fee

Premium Online Spanish Course: a teacher’s view

Hi there!

I'm Lucía! I’m one of the Spanish teachers here at AIL Madrid, and I would like to tell you more about the Premium Online Spanish Course:

The structure of our premium online Spanish program is a combination of our intensive Spanish course in virtual groups, with individual classes, which means you will have complete immersion in the language.

Who is it aimed at?

Our Premium Online Spanish program is aimed at those who seek an intense language immersion experience and to reinforce their progress through personalized individual classes. The profile of the students who choose this Spanish program is very varied: high school students who need extra support during their holidays, university students who want to deepen their knowledge of the language in an increasingly globalized world, professionals with an international profile who want to update their skills and gain confidence in the use of the language, or simply, Spanish lovers who want to experience a unique and intense learning experience.

What is the Premium Online Spanish Course like?

The Premium Spanish course through our virtual platform is a very efficient way of learning Spanish. It combines group classes with private lessons to give you complete immersion in the language. The four hours of group classes in the company of other international students revolve around grammar and vocabulary, which are taught in a dynamic and entertaining way, and with great attention on communication skills. Our teaching methods include fun language games, activities, quizzes, short films, songs, role plays and organized debates that allow you to express yourself in Spanish at a level you never thought was possible.

The online private lessons are an opportunity to resolve any doubts you may have, work on your weak points or areas of special interest, and provide you with extra valuable conversation practice, all with continuous feedback from a teacher for you alone.

What is it like to learn Spanish in a virtual classroom?

With the rapid advance of technology, learning languages through an electronic device is now as effective as doing it in a conventional classroom, saving you the trouble of travelling.

To attend your online Spanish classes, you don't need to connect from a special device, you can use a laptop, a desktop, a smartphone or a tablet, and you don't need to register on any website or give your personal details, you just need to click on a link that we will have sent you previously which will allow you to join your class directly, where you will be with a real teacher and real classmates, being able to carry out activities in pairs or groups, presentations, exercises, debates with current topics and everything that you can find in any conventional face-to-face Spanish class.

If you still have any questions, please contact us through any of our communication channels.