Weekend Online Spanish Course

Weekend Online Spanish Course at a Glance


Average 6, max. 10

Course duration

12 weeks


Friday: all levels 4pm - 6:50pm CET
Saturday: all levels 10:30am - 1:20pm CET

Start Dates

Fridays or Saturdays


If you would like to join an already running course, no problem, just contact us here or call (+34) 914 354 801. The price will be reduced accordingly.


From A1 to C1, subject to demand

Please note that depending on student numbers, online courses may be either fully online or hybrid (with students online and others in the classroom).

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Weekend Online Spanish Course : a teacher’s view

¡Hola a todos!

My name is Andrea, I'm an AIL Madrid Spanish teacher, and I'm going to tell you about Weekend Online Spanish Classes!

Who is it aimed at?

The weekend online Spanish course is aimed at those who work or work from home during the week, and want to learn Spanish for personal or professional reasons, but also at those who want to have fun and relax, by taking part in an online leisure activity during the weekend. Meeting other people, chatting about current affairs, sharing opinions and working methodically on some of the more complex aspects of the language are some of the features on offer in this course.

What does the weekend online Spanish course consist of?

Whether you are studying for professional or personal reasons, you will feel as if you are part of a dynamic and effective learning environment, which you will be able to escape to just as you would do with the typical weekend activities.

In our weekend Spanish online classes:

  • Your Spanish will progress, and you will be provided with tools and structures to use in many different situations proposed by the teacher.
  • You are in a class with a real teacher and real classmates just like you, motivated to learn in the virtual Spanish classroom and socialize using only Spanish as the language of communication.
  • The cultural element of the Spanish language is a very important aspect and will enable you to progress your Spanish in different contexts and situations.
  • Learning grammar is not just a means to an end, but also a way in which you can tackle any situation confidently in a foreign language.
  • What is our virtual platform for learning Spanish like?

    At AIL Madrid, our team of Spanish teachers are experts in online teaching, and we use one of the world’s leading educational platforms.

    Through the platform, you can interact just as you would in a face-to-face class, sharing your screen, using the whiteboard, working on activities in mini-groups or sending and receiving documents.

    This is the time to progress your social Spanish through our new weekend online course!