Premium Course

Premium Course at a Glance

Classes per week

20 group classes
5 individual classes

FUN after class activities

5 activities included See this week's activities


Average 6, max. 8

Course duration

1 - 52 weeks


4 group classes daily from Monday to Friday, 9h-12h50 or 13h-16h50.
The individual classes are scheduled at your convenience before or after your group classes

Start Dates

Every Monday

Complete beginners see

Class duration

50 minutes


All levels, from A1 to C2


Price per week

365 € per week + 50€ enrollment fee

Premium Course : a teacher’s view

Hi there!

I'm Lucía! I’m one of the Spanish teachers here at AIL Madrid, and I would like to tell you more about the Premium Spanish Course in Madrid:

The Premium Spanish Course is a highly efficient way to learn Spanish. It combines group classes with individual lessons to give you a complete language immersion. The four hours of group classes in the company of other international students cover grammar and vocabulary in a dynamic and entertaining way, focusing primarily on developing communicative skills. They include fun language games, quizzes and group activities, short films, songs, role play, and organized debates that will get you speaking Spanish at a level you had never dreamed of!

The individual classes are an opportunity to resolve any doubts you might have, to work on weak points or areas of special interest, and to provide valuable extra speaking practice, all this with ongoing feedback from a teacher who is there exclusively for you.

More often than not, at the end of the course the students tell me “I can´t believe my course is over, it's flown by so quickly!”