Virtual Classroom Methodology

The Virtual Classroom Experience

Here at AIL Madrid, the student is always at the centre of the learning process in our virtual classrooms and our main priority is student involvement. The confidence of students will be boosted by encouraging their interaction with both the teacher and the other students, which will greatly enhance their communication skills.

What features do we offer?

In order to maintain our academic excellence and deliver a high-quality learning experience to our students, we have a range of features adapted to the virtual environment:

Structure of the Spanish Virtual Classroom

In our virtual classroom, you can immerse yourself fully in the Spanish language from the comfort of your own home. We focus on four main skills: speaking and oral comprehension plus reading and writing comprehension. We always take into consideration the content recommended by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Our online teaching philosophy is simple: firstly, each class introduces fundamental Spanish structures, both spoken and written. These are then put into practice using real-life scenarios, so the student can understand the context in which words and phrases are used.