Spanish Level Test


AIL Madrid´s Spanish online level test consists of 30 questions, the first 10 being beginner level (A1) the second 10 elementary level (A2) and the last 10 advanced (B1-C2). All levels correspond to the Common European Framework of Reference.

You will find the questions increasingly difficult as you progress so if you find the latter questions too difficult, do not worry, simply leave the questions unanswered and proceed to the end of the test.

Once you have completed the 10 minute level test, you will receive your results instantly with useful explanations to help you understand any incorrect answers.

Good luck!!


1. Carlos argentino

2. Madrid en el centro de España.

3. ¿Hay farmacia por aquí cerca?

4. María todos los domingos muy tarde.

5. Joaquín treinta y seis años.

6. A Carlos mucho las plantas.

7. Irá vacaciones Croacia avión.

8. Me encanta bailar ¿y a ti? .

9. ¿Cuándo volver?

10. Esta semana mucho