Travel with AIL Madrid: weekend excursions to cities surrounding Madrid

We've got it all going on here at AIL Madrid but our incredible classes and action packed Fun Afternoon Activities program just weren't enough for us, so we've arranged something very special for everyone on the weekends too! Spice up your Saturday with excursions in the form of jaw-dropping guided tours, in Spanish and English, to the many breath-taking filled towns tucked just around the corner from Madrid, all filled with culture, history and beauty!

Why not soak up the multiculturalism that characterizes Toledo, try the famous “cochinillo” (fine pork meat) of Segovia or lose yourself in the depths of the Spanish Empire in “El Escorial” Madrid is surrounded by all of these magical places, you can't let this chance slip! See it all with AIL Madrid!

Toledo, the ancient capital of Spain

Enjoy a whole day in this incredible city declared a world heritage city by UNESCO in 1987. The old capital of Spain is nowadays the capital of the “La Mancha” province. Numerous writers have referred to it as the “melting pot of cultures” due to its Christian, Jewish and Muslim heritage. We will start the day with a breath-taking panoramic viewpoint of the city and then go on to visit the most important monuments such as “el Alcázar” (military headquarters of the old regime), the synagogue of Santa María la Blanca and the famous cathedral. A true contrast of culture that you can't afford to miss!

Ávila and Segovia, two Spanish gems

A stone's throw from Madrid, two of the most famous Spanish cities filled with magic and history, also declared as part of Spain's heritage by UNESCO. We will visit the impressive Roman aqueduct of Segovia and the fortified city wall of Ávila, amongst other little bits of magic dotted around the city. Without a doubt, an unavoidable trip if you want to see the real Spain.

Monastery of "El Escorial" and "El Valle de los Caídos", historic marvels

The famous Monastery of El Escorial was renowned for years by many as the eighth wonder of the world. Probably the most symbolic grandeur of the Spanish Empire showing the heights of the old regime, enjoy the peculiar “Basílica del Valle de los Caídos”, excavated in the interior of a mountain lying only 9km of "El Escorial": a living relic hidden away in the mountains of Madrid.

Cuenca and the Enchanted City

The World Heritage Site of Cuenca is home to the famous 'hanging houses', surreal, multi-storied buildings that jut dramatically over the edge of the mountainous region’s cliffs. One can also find the Catedral de Nuestra Señora de Gracias nestled into the heart of the walled city, a historic cathedral dating back to the Medieval Age. Finally, if you prefer natural to manmade wonders, the nearby Enchanted City is a must-see. A 90 million-year-old park of spectacular natural rock formations, the Natural Site of National Interest is definitely something to add to your bucket list!