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Internship Placement Program
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Internship Placement Program

My name is Paloma and I have been teaching Spanish at AIL Madrid since 2007. I’m from Madrid, this is where I grew up and studied, but before joining the School I went on an amazing adventure in Thessaloniki, Greece. I experienced so much there and there are no words to describe how beneficial it is, both professional and personally, to live abroad.

AIL Madrid has over a decade of experience providing successful internships for candidates in a wide variety of fields. Our internships provide the opportunity to gain invaluable experience in international business while boosting your CV, and thus your employability and earning potential!

We work with top companies to offer a professional linguistic immersion experience, as well as full support from a dedicated AIL Madrid Internship Program Manager before, during, and after your internship. AIL Madrid will steer you through the whole process in obtaining an internship from an initial assessment to CV and interview preparation, including a preparatory Skype session. Upon completing the program, you will receive a AIL Madrid participation certificate, as well as a letter from your employer.

Internships are available for 2, 4, 8 and 10+ weeks. Internships with less weeks are available only upon demand. Most require a level of B1 Spanish or above but we do have limited internships opportunities for students with elemental (A2) knowledge Spanish. These mainly involve working with the English speaking market and can be in marketing, customer service or sales.

Included in the Program

  • Preliminary advice and assessment
  • Assistance in CV preparation
  • Advice on interview technique
  • Visa assistance if necessary
  • Spanish language training as an option before or during internship
  • Accommodation options available

Internship Program Application Process

1. Complete Application Form

2. The AIL Madrid Internship Program Manager will carefully review your application and decide if you meet the requirements for entrance onto the AIL Madrid internship program and assess if we can offer you an internship which will meet your expectations. Our priority is to ensure that the internship is a success both for the candidates and for our partners in the business world.

3. Complete Spanish test so that we can evaluate whether you will need further Spanish language training.

4. We may wish to conduct a preliminary interview via Skype to address any concerns we may have.

5. We will communicate to you if you have passed the Application Process.

Please note, you will not be accepted onto the program if you:

  • have not been a consistently good achiever at high school / university
  • are aged under 17 or above 28
  • do not have the required Spanish and/or English language skills
  • do not have a mature conduct
  • are not capable of behaving in a professional, respectful manner in the work environment
  • do not have a genuine interest in learning more about Spain, its language and its culture
  • do not fully complete the attached Application Form


If you successfully pass the Application Process, you will be asked to make a 200€ deposit payment to secure your placement on the Program. Once this has been received, we start the internship search. If we cannot offer you a placement in your first three choices, the 200€ will be returned in full.

Price (Euros)

2 week internship 700

4 week internships 800

8 week internship 900

10 + week internship 1.000

Internships are available in the following fields:

  • Foreign trade
  • Not for profit organizations
  • Fashion
  • Consulting
  • Law
  • Summer camps
  • Translation and interpretation
  • Graphic design
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Corporate auditing
  • Energy sector
  • Art galleries
  • Architecture
  • Marketing and PR
  • Event planning
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Human resources
  • Sales and commerce
  • Administration
  • Internships available for students with lower levels of Spanish in the following fields: hotels, travel agencies, the tourism sector and marketing

Optional Spanish Course

To get the most out of your internship you can combine it with an intensive Spanish program at AIL Madrid before you begin, or with weekend or evening classes once you have begun. All participants on the AIL Madrid internship program receive a 10 % discount on AIL Madrid Spanish courses.