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Spanish and Cooking Program
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Spanish and Cooking Program

If you love all things Spanish as much as we do, at some point you are going to want to get to grips with Spain’s endlessly varied gastronomy. Spanish regional cooking is one of the best kept secrets in Europe, and as Madrid is a microcosm of the entire country, it’s the perfect place to discover it. That’s why AIL Madrid’s Spanish and Cooking program is such a hit.

We provide a fascinating insight into Spanish food that combines market visits with hands on cooking lessons that will soon have you turning your hand to classic heritage tapas such as salmorejo soup, or stuffed red peppers, as well as some Madrid classics such as the timeless cocido madrileño. You can combine this with an Intensive Course that will rapidly get you speaking clear and confident Spanish, or if you prefer you can just focus on the cooking! Either way, there’s no better way to absorb the culture than through your stomach!

The program also gives you the opportunity to join our Tapas Tours, a perfect way to experience Madrid life, as well as wine tasting visits to local bodegas. There’s no better way to go straight to the heart of Spain!

Spanish and Cooking Program

Program duration 1 week

Start dates  2019: 4th February, 15th April, 22nd July, 14th October

Spanish classes 20

Cooking classes 15

Duration of one class 50 minutes classes

Timetable 4 Spanish classes per day: from Monday to Friday, in the morning. 2 cooking classes and 1 class going to market to buy ingredients, taking place after the Spanish classes in the afternoon

Students per class Maximum 8, 6 on average

Levels Spanish classes divided into 6 different levels from beginners up to complete fluency (A1.2– C2) in correlation to the Common European Framework of Languages. The cooking classes will be a mix of all the levels.

Course materials Textbooks recommended by Instituto Cervantes that endeavour to provide the best methodology of Spanish teaching, complemented by a range of supporting audiovisual materials, handouts, the School's own materials and Internet. All the ingredients and utensils for the cooking classes will be provided to make sure you have the ultimate cooking experience.

Certificate Attendance certificate upon finishing your course

Spanish and Cooking Program Itinerary:


Monday Welcome presentation + Spanish classes Heritage Tapas: mejillones tigre, pimientos de piquillo rellenos, salmorejo

Tuesday Spanish classes Neoclassical Tapas: deconstructed tortilla, elaborate croquetas (cecina y puerro, spinach and blue cheese, or foie gras)

Wednesday Spanish classes Traditional cocido madrileño

Thursday Spanish classes Unusual Spanish Desserts: pionono de Santa Fe, white gazpacho (made with apples, grapes, almonds and cucumber)

Friday Spanish classes Visionary Confections: churro lava cakes, homemade lemon cava sorbet

Before each cooking class, the AIL Chef takes the students to the market place to select the best ingredients, based on their quality. The activity starts with a guided tour of the market place. The group is then split up in pairs to explore the market and learn more about the products used in Spanish cuisine. Before leaving, a cup of coffee will provide strength to everyone to make the most out of the time in the kitchen.

Please note the activities listed above may be subject to change and/or replaced by other similar activities.

Spanish and Cooking Program Prices

Cooking classes and Intensive Course 450€

Cooking classes only 295€

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