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Long Term Spanish Course
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Long Term Spanish course by Ana Ballesteros, Spanish course at AIL Madrid

¡Hola a todos! I’m Ana and I’m a Spanish teacher at AIL Madrid. The Long Term Spanish Course is designed for those who wish to dedicate a term, semester or even longer to immersing themselves in the Spanish language and culture. This program is a very rewarding experience both for the students and for me, especially when I’m starting the journey with complete beginners. I am able to guide the students on their very first steps towards communicating in a completely new language.

When I meet the long term students who start Spanish from scratch, on their first day at the school they are unsure how to greet me in Spanish, yet when we say our goodbyes they fluently speak the language. Another advantage of this program is that through spending many hours with the students, I am able to understand each and every one of them better and find out the best learning methods for them. This means I can prepare highly personalised classes, adapted to the students’ specific needs. The professional satisfaction of seeing their amazing progress combined with the friendships we create makes it extremely hard to say goodbye when the last class rolls around.

Long Term Spanish Course at a glance 

Minimum number of weeks 8

Number of classes per week 20

Fun Afternoon Activities 5 weekly enjoyable Fun Afternoon Activities included in the course price. Typically from Monday to Friday usually from 5.00pm to 6.40pm. Come along, explore Madrid´s most spectacular sights and learn about the Spanish culture!

Start dates Every Monday of the year (including Christmas and Easter)

Start dates for complete beginners Every 2 weeks, to make sure that you really start from scratch. Check our beginners' Spanish course start dates here.

Number of students per class Maximum 8, average of 6- amongst the lowest in Madrid.

Classes 4 classes a day: Monday to Friday, in the morning of afternoon.

Minimum age 17

Levels From complete beginners (A1) to total fluency (C2). Courses available in all levels according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Duration of a class at AIL Madrid 50 minutes

Number of weeks 1-52

Course Materials Textbooks recommended by Instituto Cervantes that endeavour to provide the best methodology of Spanish teaching, complemented by a range of supporting audio visual materials, handouts, the School's own materials and the Internet.

Certificate Attendance certificate upon finishing the course, with the option  of taking a final exam.

Prices: Spanish Long Term Course

More information:

Generous discount: You'll get 10% off Intensive Spanish Course fees if you stay for 8 weeks or more (153 Euros per week instead of 170 Euros). If you decide to stay for 9 weeks or longer we will also waive the enrolment fee. 

Number of weeks Price (Euros)
8 weeks 1224 -equivalent to 153 euros/week

9 weeks 1377- equivalent to 153 euros/week

1 extra week 153

Enrolment: 50 Euros

The benefits of learning Spanish with AIL Madrid: