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One Day Spanish Language Classes for Tourists
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Asun, Spanish teacher at AIL Madrid, talks about the One Day Spanish Language Course for Tourists

Hi, I’m Asun and I’d like to tell you about One Day Spanish Language Classes for Tourists in Madrid.  This course is perfect for all solo travellers, families, and groups of friends who are travelling Madrid and want to learn some basics to use during their trip!

I love this course, especially because of the people it attracts: they are open minded and passionate, and many of are avid travellers with exciting stories from all over the world. Families and groups of friends who are visiting Madrid to sightsee and experience the city often choose this course to learn more about Spanish language and culture, while our solo students also see it as an opportunity to make new friends! Some of our students sign up with no prior knowledge of Spanish, so I teach them the basics (such as phrases to use at a shop, restaurant, or bus station), while others don’t want to miss the opportunity to boost their already existing language skills by practicing with a native teacher. Either way, they always say this course is one of the highlights of their trip!

With that in mind, I invite everybody who has one free day in Madrid to come and learn Spanish!

The One Day Spanish Language Course For Tourists is divided into two parts: private Spanish Classes in the morning and Social and Cultural Fun Activities in the evening. Before we start, you´ll be asked to provide us detailed information about what your objectives are: based on that information, we will design personalized classes with the best learning materials to fit your needs. Classes can be taken alone or in a mini group. 

For more information about Spanish Language Classes for Tourists, ask our Student Care Team: they will be happy to help you!

One Day Spanish Language Course for Tourists at a glance

Course duration One day 

How many classes can I take? 3 or 6 classes, from 9.00am to 5.00pm, with free Fun Afternoon Activities in the evening

Fun Afternoon Activities From 5.00pm to 6.00pm. Come explore Madrid´s most spectacular sights and learn more about Spanish culture!

When can I take the course? From Monday to Saturday.

Where will my classes take place? Your classes will take place in the main building of our school AIL Madrid

How long does each class last? 50 minutes: each session can consist of more than one class. 

Price of the One Day Spanish Language Course for Tourists:

3 hours - 120 Euros
6 hours – 220 Euros

More information: