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A Spanish Tale of Two Cities

Enjoy the ultimate travel experience by learning Spanish in two of Spain’s most popular cities! Discover the traditions, habits, and funky idiosyncrasies of everyday life from two contrasting viewpoints: one a pulsing capital city with an adventure around every corner and the other a relaxing coastal hub full of sun-drenched beach days. This combination, mixed with the opportunity to make new friends from all over the world and engage in high energy Spanish classes, is the experience of a lifetime!

This month’s top location: Malaga Spanish by the sea!

Plaza de Cibeles Madrid
Cibeles Square in Madrid
Start your adventure in one of our mind-blowing Spanish courses here in Madrid and then hop on the train to enjoy the rapid, three hour ride through olive country on one of Spain’s most romantic, breathtaking routes. As you dip down past the majestic peaks of the mountains and into the enchanting, subtropical capital of the Costa del Sol (with an annual average temperature of 20 degrees Celsius!) the sparkle of continuous sunshine on Malaga’s infinite beaches will fan your spark of adventure into a full-blown flame. So what’s the hitch? You’ll never want to leave! Why study Spanish in Malaga?
view of Malaga
Malaga from the top

Spanish courses

Spanish courses in Malaga include:

  • Dynamic classes based on communication
  • Small groups: average of 4 students, with a maximum of 8
  • Modern facilities that promote natural learning
  • Social and outdoor activities; the perfect time to practice your new Spanish skills!

  • The most popular Spanish courses are:

    beach of Malaga
    Malaga from the top
  • Intensive Spanish Course: 20 hours of Spanish classes
  • Super Intensive Spanish Course: 20 hours of Spanish classes, plus 5 hours of Spanish cultural workshops on cinema, music, history, art, literature, and so much more!
  • Premium Spanish Course: 20 hours of group Spanish classes plus 5 hours of private lessons
  • DELE Preparation: 20 hours of DELE preparation classes per week. This four week course will prepare you with all the skills needed to pass the DELE exam!
  • Spanish and Work Placement: This course combines intensive Spanish classes with an interesting internship in the field of your choice. Improve your CV and open doors in your future career!

  • Life outside the classroom

    Malaga is a lively, energetic city; day, night, and year round! The city offers an outstanding calendar of events with something fun going on every day, such as concerts, plays, and performances, so there’s always something worth checking out. In addition, the city offers a tantalizing array of shopping districts, such as Calle Larios, Centro Comercial Vialia, and Muelle Uno. Treat yourself to the latest trends of the Costa del Sol or find the perfect gifts for your friends and family!

    Beaches and lovely weather

    This Mediterranean gem boasts 14 kilometers of beach! Fun in the sun and great tans are guaranteed in this subtropical climate and the fantastic variety of beaches ensures the perfect spot for every mood and interest. Party on the famous urban seaside or venture out to the small, picturesque beaches, such as the “Baños del Carmen” for an afternoon of tranquil perfection. During the cooler season (no one could ever use the word ‘cold’ to describe Malaga), popular activities include bike rides along the boardwalk, romantic walks with incredible views from the Gibralfaro fortress, and the ever-tasty chocolate con churros!

    Cuisine and Tapas

    Malaga's market
    Malaga's market
    Malaga is one of the star examples of a healthy Mediterranean diet: daily meals include a cornucopia of delicious flavors and textures, from fish and meat to fruits and vegetables, all fresh from the local market. And not only will the fresh seafood and colorful produce make you look and feel great, but has also been scientifically proven to extend your life expectancy (Spain has a higher life expectancy than any other European country). So get out there and enjoy some tasty gazpacho, fresh olives, or deliciously traditional paella next to the beach!

    Monuments and History

    Multi Location Spanish: studying Malaga history
    The Alcazaba

    Malaga boasts hundreds upon hundreds of years of history and you won’t want to miss the opportunity to see:

  • The Alcazaba: built by the Arab military in the year 1063, this fortress is one of the most iconic symbols of Malaga and offers some of the most extraordinary views of the bay!
  • Castillo de Gibralfaro: created in the 16th century to protect the Alcazaba, this impressive fortress was instrumental in preserving and protecting the city of Malaga on numerous occasions. A must see for its impressive walls, breathtaking views, and enchanting glimpses into an ancient world.
  • Roman Theatre: a living relic from the time when Romans occupied Malaga, this theater once held and entertained thousands of citizens and Roman senators alike!
  • More Spanish Schools in Spain

    Our other partner Spanish schools are located in the following cities:

  • Barcelona
  • Granada
  • Salamanca
  • Valencia
  • Cádiz
  • If you prefer to study Spanish in Spain in a city other than those listed above, we are happy to arrange it for you. All of our partnering schools offer excellent quality Spanish courses and are located in the heart of each city. Like us, our partnering schools offer Spanish courses in all 6 levels (A1 - C2) of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) and include complementary activities programs.


  • Must sign up for at least four weeks of Spanish courses, the first 2 weeks of which must take place in Madrid.