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Training Courses for ELE Teachers
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IX Encuentro de Profesores ELE en AIL Madrid

  • From the 1st of July to the 5th of August 2019
  • From the 29th of July to the 2nd of August 2019
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1. Who is the ELE Training course for?

  • Teachers who teach Spanish as a foreign language at Secondary schools, Colleges, or Universities.

  • Native or non-native Spanish teachers with a Spanish level C1.

  • Spanish Teachers without real teaching experience and who want to train with experienced ELE teachers and to have the opportunity to observe real courses.

2. The objectives of the ELE Training Program

  • Provide teachers with the necessary resources and use of technology to make classes more dynamic and interesting.

  • Reflect on the needs of teenagers and learn how to engage students.

    Testimonies Spanish teachers
  • Present the advantages of the new SIELE exam and compare it with the DELE exam.

  • Highlight the best strategies on how to encourage oral participation in the classroom.

  • Consider intercultural importance within teaching/learning ELE.

3. Contents

The course consists of three modules:

Theoretical ELE training: 23 lecture hours from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 until 13.30/14.00

All participants receive a CD with computer files that contain free ELE materials exempt from their patent rights (articles, books, doctoral thesis, investigations reports, educational activities), organized in subject areas of the ELE training course ELE (Nearpod, Classes Observation, Communicative Activities, SIELE exam format, etc). It’s an extensive compilation that contains up-to-date resources for the investigation, reflection and the use of didactics in the classroom.

ELE Classroom Observation

This module consists of three elements:

  • An introductory session which will show the structure of the ELE classes observation.

  • Real AIL Madrid Spanish language school students observation classes.

  • A workshop to discuss and summarize trainees' ELE Classes observations.

The course includes two classes’ observations on Thursday morning. However, if the participants would like to, they can choose to observe 2 or 4 classes on Thursday afternoon.

Cultural program (optional:)

In the afternoons, AIL Madrid offers guided visits to notable Museums in the city.

    4. Structure of the ELE Training Course for Teachers*

    *This program is for the 2018 edition. At the beginning of 2019 it will be updated with the 2019 program.

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    9:00-09:30 Welcome breakfast. Materials handout and opening. We all participate: sharing what has been learned. We all participate: sharing what has been learned. Classroom Observation Immersion Teaching: AIL Madrid
    9:30-11:00 Nearpod: an online resource that will change your life Young learners in the classroom: how to survive the experience Colloquial Expressions: “Esto es pan comido” Class culture and a cultural class: contents and dynamic intercultural learning
    11:00-11:30 BREAK
    11:30-13:30 We’ll conquer the visual arts: infographs, photos, videos… Grammar in context: integrating structures (using all skills) SIELE: the new quick and easy level test How to understand what your students are trying to say Presentation of editorial news: Edinumen
    14:00-15:00 Welcome lunch
    Guidelines for the classroom observations
    Closing ceremony of the course and diplomas awards
    Museo Reina Sofía Círculo de Bellas Artes Museo Sorolla

    5. Course methodology

    Given that it is a ELE training course with a practical approach with an objective of being able to apply acquired knowledge in the ELE classroom, everything learnt will be debated and discussed. This participatory methodology allows for a shared debate and analysis, highlighting the different personal experiences and practices gained by all the participants. The teacher of each class will act as a moderator, enabling a productive debate and will then help the group reach conclusions which can be applied to each participants own ELE teaching and help them integrate new skills.

    6. Conditions and Registration for the ELE Teaching training course

    The course price: 195€

    AIL Madrid also offers the following accommodation options*:

    *The prices indicated above are for 6 nights, however, booking for additional nights is available.

    To register:

    7. Certificate of Attendance and Accreditation of the ELE Course

    At the end of the course, the participants will be awarded with a certificate of attendance in their training: ELE teachers of AIL Madrid. The certificate will demonstrate 29 hours of study. As a Spanish school accredited by the Instituto Cervantes, AIL Madrid, complies with the highest standards in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language.